ERC and PDeCAT see no real intention that Sánchez wants to approve budgets

ERC and PDeCAT see no real intention that Sánchez wants to approve budgets

The parliamentary spokesmen of ERC and PDeCAT, Joan Tardá and Carles Campuzano, respectively, have considered today that they do not see a real intention that the Government wants to approve the General Budgets of the State of 2019.

During the rebuttal shifts in the Plenary of the Congress to the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, who appears to inform about the agreements reached in the European Union on the exit of the United Kingdom and the situation in Catalonia, both Tardá and Campuzano have shown these suspicions .

"His dilemma is not the General State Budgets, I suspect he does not want to approve them," said Tardá while Campuzano pointed out that PDeCAT has "the feeling that they do not really want to approve them."

The spokesman of the PDeCAT in the Congress has influenced that "we have felt that they have gesticulated and have not had real interest in addressing a budget debate".

In this regard, Sanchez has urged Campuzano that next week they can reach agreements in the Budget and regretted that he thinks that the Executive has no intention of approving it because it does have "firm will" otherwise.

However, it has affected that the Executive has met with "a resounding no by top leaders of independence."

Sanchez has promised that the Council of Ministers approve the draft Budget Law for 2019 in January so that public accounts can enter the Congress the second week of that month, although the Catalan separatists have recently pointed out that the Treasury has not called to negotiate.

So far, neither ERC nor the PDeCAT have revealed whether they will submit individual amendments to the Budget as a whole (the first test that will have to be addressed in the Plenary of the Congress) or if they will support the amendments to the totality presented by other political formations, among them, the PP and Citizens.


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