August 5, 2021

ERC and Bildu request the appearance of Ábalos for his refusal to “impose” limits on the rental price

The alarms have jumped in the partners of the Government before the intention of the Ministry of Transport and Urban Agenda piloted by José Luis Ábalos of opt for a tax benefit system to “promote” the decreases in rental prices against the programmatic agreement of the coalition that establishes that the necessary regulations would be promoted to “put a ceiling on the abusive increases in rental prices in certain areas of stressed market.” Ábalos has defended that “it is more positive and effective to promote than to impose”, so he is committed to “encouraging and not penalizing”, that is, stimulating the rental of homes at prices below the market, but without this being mandatory. United We Can is against this approach and even threatens to get off the hook, but also ERC and EH Bildu have made clear their concern about the intention of the socialists.

The government coalition is experiencing its most tense hours and threatens to open new fronts

The government coalition is experiencing its most tense hours and threatens to open new fronts

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Both groups have requested the appearance of Ábalos in Congress “due to the possible non-compliance with the agreements reached to limit rental prices and the need to respond to the housing emergency.” The petition comes after the minister has defended a model of “fiscal measures” as a formula to stop the rise in rental prices while the coalition agreement establishes that “autonomous communities and / or municipalities will be empowered to that from the State System of Reference Indices of Housing Rental Prices that the Ministry of Development is developing, they can establish their price index according to an objective methodology and subject to periodic review. ”

Housing is an especially delicate matter for the Government’s parliamentary allies, as well as for the minority partner, who came to present amendments to the General State Budgets to pressure for it to be lengthened and expanded. the prohibition of evictions during the state of alarm. The internal negotiation of public accounts also had one of the main obstacles in the negotiation in housing, although then was settled with an agreement between PSOE and United We Can which included the promotion of the state housing law within three months, which has now expired.

Ábalos: “Housing is a right but also a market good”

Ábalos has assured this Monday that they share the “objectives” of the law in which the ministry works, but has recognized that they differ in the “tools”. Thus, the Socialists are betting on tax benefits for owners who rent houses below market prices. “It seems to us that it is a much more positive approach to incentivize than not penalize. We believe it is important to bring homes to the market and that there be incentives for taking homes to the rental market,” explained Ábalos, who said that these incentives would be given to those who rent their properties below the value set by the ministry’s benchmark: “It is more positive and effective to promote than to impose.”

For Ábalos, this system would avoid a “market detraction”, because many of the homes can end up in the buying and selling market if a price ceiling formula is chosen, as indicated. The Minister of Transport and Urban Agenda has opted for “a law that responds to the social function of housing, to the right to housing”, but has stated that “it cannot be a conjunctural law or one that is constrained by a very specific situation or conjunctural “. “That the situation does not condition us that basic law of democracy,” he asserted.

He has also defended that the law has to be done with “legal certainty” since housing is a competence of the autonomous communities. Thus, he has indicated that it has to be “a guarantee law, with legal value, that is not actionable and respects all the rights that our rule of law has: the right to a home as well as private property, which reconciles both things and takes into account He says that housing is a right but also a market asset, which generates economic activity, which also seeks legal security regarding investments “. “We cannot ignore all that which is part of the world of housing,” he has settled.

Just like you did for Dispatch the United We Can proposal that the large holders make 30% of the properties available for social rentÁbalos has rejected that “it must be the individuals who have to resolve the public housing policy.” “We aspire to a public policy that commits the public powers and does not transfer that responsibility to individuals, whether they are more or less solvent,” he declared.


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