June 24, 2021

Erasmus + recognizes the efforts of the Canarian student Iris Brito

Herreña student, Iris Brito.

Herreña student, Iris Brito.

The student of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) Iris Brito Fernandez is one of the four honorary recognitions for Higher Education mobility students of the 2019 Call of the program Erasmus +, as reported by the SEPIE Higher Education Unit, the Erasmus + National Agency in the fields of Education and Training, attached to the Ministry of Universities.

SEPIE indicates that due to the situation caused by the covid-19 pandemic, the results have not been communicated before and the delivery ceremony will take place virtually on April 20 within the Annual Erasmus + Dissemination Conference 2020-2021.

The Vice-rector for Internationalization, Mobility and International Projection, Jin taira, has conveyed his congratulations to the student of the ULPGC, indicating that “it is an honor for the entire university community and for this vice-chancellor that you have received this recognition from the SEPIE Higher Education Unit.”

Iris Brito Fernández, resident in El Hierro, is enrolled in the 4th year of the degree in Translation and Interpreting: English-German. The ULPGC presented its application for recognition because one month after starting classes during her Erasmus stay in Germany, she suffered a traffic accident when she was returning to the residence hall from university, and she was in a coma for 4 weeks and hospitalized for two months. . Despite this, he stayed in Germany to continue his studies, although during the first semester he could not do any subjects. Later, despite the arrival of the coronavirus, he stayed in Germany and was able to successfully complete all the subjects, both those of the first semester and those of the second.

In the recognition proposal sent by the ULPGC, Iris Brito stands out, who belongs to “a working family from the island of El Hierro (province of Tenerife, Canary Islands), one of the most humble places on the planet”, and who obtained a Erasmus + scholarship to study for a nine-month stay at the Universitat des Saarlandes, in Germany. “With the enthusiasm that characterizes her, Iris packed her bags ready and ready to take advantage of the experience that life offered her.”

“On the night of November 20, after leaving her classes, the young woman had been run over while crossing a pedestrian crossing. On the other end of the phone, the information was chaotic, but one message was clear: Iris was torn between life and death, in a coma and with very serious injuries ”(…)“ Iris not only survived and recovered. Iris decided to stay in Germany and start her studies as soon as possible. Iris began her rehabilitation process and resumed her studies at the destination, obtaining incredible results. Making up classes, doing work, studying and examining their subjects. Iris did all this despite being run over by a car, despite a pandemic and despite having been in a coma for several months. ” “Iris is the living image of effort and the will to live. The girl with the eternal smile and El Hierro will ”, is highlighted in the ULPGC proposal.


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