September 23, 2020

Equity of funds and sicav grows 3% month-on-month in April

The joint assets of investment funds and national sicav (variable capital investment companies) grew by 3.03% in April compared to March and stood at 285,133 million euros, according to data from the information services company financial VDOS.

This increase is due to the positive performance of the portfolios, which amounted to 8,592.6 million, since the volume of deposits was negative, of -194.9 million.

Equity increased 2.87% in April in the case of investment funds and 4.67% in that of the sicav.

In both cases, this positive variation was due to the performance of the portfolios: 7,378.5 million for investment funds and 1,214 million for the sicav.

On the contrary, the volume of fund-raising was negative: of 159.9 million, in the case of funds, and of 34.9 million, in that of the sicav.

Banks are the entities with the largest assets under management, with a 79.8% share. Among them, Santander is the group with the most assets under management, 16.65% of the total.


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