August 12, 2020

'Equipo 112' goes to the urgent evacuation of a building due to a dangerous fire – La Provincia

The reporters of'Team 112'They return this Tuesday toCanary Televisionaccompanying the emergency forces of the islands. This new installment shows the work of theArrecife Local Policeand the firefighters of the Lanzarote consortium in the evacuation of a residential building after declaring a dangerous fire.

The program also includes the rapid response of the room of theEmergency and Security Coordinating Center 112Upon receiving notice of a double run over in the municipality of Arona, Tenerife. A response that begins by indicating how to act against the wounds presented by those affected.

On the island of Gran Canaria, the civilian agents of the Local Police of the capital move to a nursing home where an octogenarian lives who they accuse of making sexual proposals to women. The troops warn him of the criminal consequences in case of continuing with that behavior despite his advanced age.

Also on this island, firefighters will face a peculiar case: to help a woman who presents herself in her facilities with a strong pain in her finger due to the pressure of a ring that resists leaving. After several hours of work and the use of various tools, the woman and her ring were released.

Further,reporters travel to La Graciosato accompany the body of the regional police in one of their patrols and witness the location of a woman in the streets of the municipality of La Laguna in Tenerife who asked for help through a call to 112.

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