Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Equatorial Guinean opposition party denies the Government's coup allegations

Equatorial Guinean opposition party denies the Government's coup allegations

The opposition party Convergence for Social Democracy of Equatorial Guinea (CPDS) today denied accusations by the Equatoguinean government that its secretary general, Andrés Esono, was in Chad to acquire arms and perpetrate a coup d'état.

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"The CPDS categorically denies all these accusations, totally false, without any foundation and invented by the Government of Equatorial Guinea with the aim of undertaking new acts of repression against Esono, its party and the political opposition in general," said the opposition a statement.

The response of the CPDS comes after this Friday the Government of Equatorial Guinea informed of his detention in Chad and said that his visit to this country of north-central Africa had as its sole objective the purchase of weapons to give a coup d'état in the country.

"According to sources of the intelligence service, the trip of the leader of the CPDS to Chad had as its only objective the acquisition of arms, ammunition and terrorists to commit a Coup d'Etat in Equatorial Guinea with foreign financing," according to a statement from the Department of Foreign Security. .

Esono was arrested last Thursday in Chad while participating in a meeting with an allied party, according to his training on Friday in a statement in which he did not indicate the reason for this detention.

The opposition leader had traveled to Chad to participate in a meeting with the Chadian party National Union for Democracy and Resurgence (UNDR), led by Saleh Kebzabo, which was held in Mongo, about 500 kilometers from the capital, Ndjamena.

"A responsible and serious government can not be inventing and constantly spreading lies, hoaxes and false accusations against its opponents and dissidents," the CPDS continued in that statement.

He also stressed that his struggle in the country is to "implement a true democracy" and considered that the Government of Teodoro Obiang "uses his tactics to permanently distract public opinion with his invented stories."

In an interview with EFE on March 29 in Madrid, Esono said that the citizens of Equatorial Guinea lack a life project for the "perfect dictatorship" exercised by the country's president, Teodoro Obiang, who has "total control" over them. since 1979

The authorities of Equatorial Guinea assured in 2017 that there had been a coup attempt by a group of mercenaries from Chad, Sudan and the Central African Republic, who entered the Equatorial Guinean cities of Kie Osi, Ebebiyin, Mongomo, Bata and Malabo to attack Obiang.

The government accused that alleged coup attempt at "radical opposition from both inside and outside."

Since its independence from Spain, in 1968, Equatorial Guinea is considered by human rights organizations to be one of the most corrupt and repressive countries in the world, due to accusations of arrests and torture of dissidents and allegations of repeated electoral fraud.

Obiang, who runs the country firmly since 1979, when he came to power with a coup d'état that overthrew his uncle Francisco Macías, is the president who has held the longest in power in the world.


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