Equality will promote the Mask-19 alert in the municipalities

From left to right, Juan Ramón Santana, Kika Fumero, Noemí Santana and Manuel Ángel Galván, yesterday in the Atlántico neighborhood.  |  |  LP / DLP

From left to right, Juan Ramón Santana, Kika Fumero, Noemí Santana and Manuel Ángel Galván, yesterday in the Atlántico neighborhood. | | LP / DLP

The Canarian Equality Institute promote among the social agents of the municipalities the resource Mask-19 to stop the gender violenceor, after the success obtained by this alert during confinement thanks to the collaboration of the pharmacy. The first municipalities in which this pilot initiative will be launched will be Ingenio and Tías (Lanzarote).

This was announced this Wednesday after the signing of the agreement between Equality and the official colleges of pharmacists of the two provinces, which will allow consolidating this resource, one more of those available to battered women – telephone numbers 016 and 112 – to request help from the police that they are harassed by their partners.

ANDl Device Mask-19 It was launched just a year ago, after the announcement of the state of alarm for the coronavirus. Its success has been such that it is already used in 12 autonomous communities and has been copied in 20 countries due to the discretion it represents for women, victims of machismo, to warn of their situation.

During the state of alarm, 45 women in the Archipelago requested police help for themselves and their children after going to a pharmacy and saying: Mask-19. With this message, the professionals started the protocol that consisted of calling 112 after collecting their name, address and telephone number without asking any questions.

The effectiveness of this alert has led the Canarian Institute of Equality to consider extending it now to the administrators of farms, neighborhood communities, associations, businesses and other social agents of the municipalities so that, among all, protection is given to the women and minors and the abuser is cornered. And for this, concrete training will be offered on how to act, apart from raising awareness against gender violence.

In this way, the pharmacies of the Archipelago will have a reinforcement to sound the alarm to the national police in a case. Also, and thanks to the agreement; which lasts four years, the pharmaceutical staff will receive training to prevent, raise awareness and eradicate gender violence with the School of Health and Social Services of the Canary Islands (Essscan).

The Minister of Social Rights Equality Noemi Santana yesterday thanked the official colleges of pharmacists; represented by Presidents of the province of Las Palmas – Juan Ramón Santana Ayala- and of Tenerife -Manuel Ángel Galván-, that they had been made available to Equality on the weekend in which the Mascarilla-19 campaign was designed, which became a “benchmark against sexist violence”.

The president of the official college of Las Palmas pointed out that it was a “moral obligation” for pharmacists to collaborate with battered women and appreciated “the simplicity and speed” with which it was launched, as well as the impact it has had outside the Islands . He stressed that the fact that 70% of pharmacists are women could have helped their “good reception.”

His counterpart from Tenerife, highlighted, for his part, “the discretion” for women to activate this protocol, as well as “the immediacy of action and the deterrent effect” that it produces on the abuser.

The President of the General Council of Colleges of Pharmacists, Jesús Aguilar Santamaría, who participated by video call, appreciated the fact that pharmacies have been used to combat gender violence since, being throughout the national territory, they reach all women. While the director of the Canarian Institute of Equality Kika Fumero He thanked the existing coordination with 112 and with the National Police so that Mask-19 is a success.


A total of 45 women were treated in the Archipelago. 22 in pharmacies in Gran Canaria and 23 in establishments in Tenerife.


On 4 occasions, in addition to the 112 service, some of the councils’ emergency devices had to be activated. One of the 4 women was taken in.


In the Archipelago, including La Graciosa, there are 763 pharmacies. In the national territory more than 22,100, which proves its usefulness to detect risk situations.


Mask-19 has had a great impact. It has been imposed in 12 autonomous communities and 20 countries. The last to join was Tunisia.


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