Equality begins in Tías the battle against gordofobia and aesthetic violence against women

Inauguration of the conference against gordofobia

Inauguration of the conference against gordofobia

The director of Canary Islands Institute of Equality (ICI), Kika fumero, and the mayor of Tías, Jose Juan Cruz, yesterday inaugurated the urban mural made by the artist Leticia Marsoc on gordofobia Y aesthetic violence. The artistic intervention carried out in the municipality is one of the actions prior to the second edition of the international conferences on this matter which, with a week to go before it begins, already has 1,212 people from 22 countries and which will be face-to-face in May in the Elder museum of Gran Canaria.

The ICI director thanked the Tías City Council for joining this activity and explained that it is a project that "wants to leave a seed of these days on each of the eight islands." In 2020, murals were made on the two capital islands and this year they have already been made in Los Llanos, La Palma and the one inaugurated yesterday in Lanzarote. The idea, according to Fumero, is that there be a third edition of the conference and "we complete murals in the rest of the islands." He assured that "these conferences are part of a cry from all of society that needs to talk about gordofobia and aesthetic violence, that they want to vindicate the diversity of bodies" and explained that the conferences will be dedicated to health because "we want health in all sizes, not only those accepted by hegemonic beauty canons ”.

"Almost 50 percent of the Canarian population is overweight, which means that these people are exposed to discrimination in all areas because of their body," said the director who clarified that "of the total number of people who suffer from conduct disorders food, about 90% are women ”.

The mayor of Tías stated that "gordofobia exists and is real, we cannot look the other way because it is discrimination that can cause serious consequences for physical and emotional health." He also thanked the Government of the Canary Islands for choosing Tías for this presentation and the start of the conference while highlighting the involvement of the artist Leticia Marsoc.

Marsoc described that these are three murals in which she reflects three aspects relevant to her. “The first is a strong woman, where it doesn't matter that she has hair in her armpits because she is still just as beautiful, it is a way to re-educate the viewer's gaze; the second is the same person kissing his supposed imperfections, forgiving himself for the harmful messages that we send each other on occasions and the third is a person very dear to me, who for many years did not go to the beach and feels full ".

Also present at the event were the Councilor for Equality and Diversity, Nicolas Saavedra and the Councilor for Culture, Maria Jose Gonzalez. To date, 1,212 people from 22 different countries have already registered for this year's conference, which will be broadcast via streaming by the ICI. In this edition, three days (5,6 and 7 May) will be dedicated to deepening the culture of diets and the consequences on the bodies and health of adults and girls. People interested in participating in the conference must register in advance at http://www.inscripcionjornadasgordofobia.com/ where you can also consult the complete schedule.

The idea of ​​organizing the first days on gordofobia last year arose after the success of the publication of an ICI decalogue on body diversity, in May of last year, with the aim of counteracting the pressure that women suffer on their body before the summer

A tool to reflect on daily fat phobia

After visiting the mural, located in the Plaza del Pavón in Tías, the Gordofobia Guide was presented, prepared by Magdalena Pyñeiro, co-founder of the "Stop Gordofofia" platform and author of various books related to the subject.

Magdalena Pyñeiro expressed her desire for the guide to become "a tool for reflection on a subject in which there is a need to speak such as gordofobia". The author stated that it is "a basic guide" aimed at anyone and exposes "the problems that gordofobia generates in women, how to identify it and what to do to end discrimination". The guide includes at the end recommendations for books and movies to deepen and a test to identify inner gordofobia. The guide is available for download on the ICI website https://www.gobiernodecanarias.org/icigualdad/.

The interventions of the II Conference scheduled for the month of May, which will be broadcast live online, will be held in person at the Elder Museum, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


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