Equality and Social Security agree on sick leave due to painful rules 100% paid from the first day

Equality and Social Security agree on sick leave due to painful rules 100% paid from the first day

Leave due to incapacitating rules paid 100% by Social Security and from the first day. This is what was agreed by the Ministry of Equality and Social Security this Thursday, according to government sources, after the leak of the draft of the new Abortion Law led by Minister Irene Montero. The measure is still being debated within the Government as a whole, so it can still be modified, these sources explain.

The agreement comes a few hours after several ministers from the socialist wing of the Executive cool down the possibility that these kinds of casualties would end up becoming part of the norm. The head of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, on whom the recognition of sick leave depends, clarified that the measure was still "under discussion", while the first vice president and minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, gave a step further by ensuring that the Government would not accept any measure that "stigmatizes women."

Government sources assure that the agreement was reached this Thursday, when the General Commission of Secretaries of State and Undersecretaries meets, which prepares the issues that will go to the next Council of Ministers. The intention is for the Executive to give the green light to the Bill for the protection of sexual and reproductive rights and the guarantee of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, which will reform the abortion law approved twelve years ago, next Tuesday, May 17.

However, the foreseeable thing is that the negotiations last until Tuesday. The measure is not yet completely closed within the Government, several sources from the Executive confirm to this medium. From the Treasury, which had been pointed out as one of the figures resistant to the measure due to its economic cost, they deny elDiario.es their rejection and in fact point out that the measure has their approval.

Paid leave from the first day

The specific leaves agreed by the Social Security and Equality are configured as a type of temporary disability that, like any other leave, must be granted and be under medical supervision.

It will not be associated with any minimum or maximum number of days, contrary to the initial proposal of the Ministry of Equality, which was committed to three days extendable to five.

In addition, they will be financed from the first day by Social Security and will not require a minimum contribution period, unlike common diseases, which require a minimum period of 180 days in the previous five years, the same sources report.

Reinforced social protection

This text, if it goes ahead, would mean special social protection for these leave due to painful rules, since in general the benefit for a common disability leave is not paid from the first day, nor is it paid by the State through Social Security .

The common disability benefit, which is recognized when there is medical leave due to common illness, covers 60% of the regulatory base (similar to salary) from the fourth day of sick leave. The payment of the subsidy between days 4 and 15 of sick leave, both inclusive, is attributed to the employer and it is from day 16 of sick leave when the responsibility for the payment falls to the INSS, ISM or the Mutual, as Social Security explained here.

Therefore, in general, the first three days of sick leave due to common contingencies the worker does not have a guaranteed salary, although in a large number of agreements and companies the companies cover the salary of their staff.

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