December 3, 2020

Enzo, Ruiz, Silva and the essence

Enzo, Ruiz, Silva and the essence

Enzo, Ruiz, Silva and the essence

Super fuel for the classic 15-N silence. The price of rigor. The UD responded, with the best performance of the French helmsman Enzo Loiodice and the self-confidence of Jonathan Silva, to the harsh demand of the spell of Montilivi, as an aperitif to the confrontation on Sunday against CD Tenerife.

In six days, the great revalidation of 2020 arrives. A date marked in yellow. The first in the mask cycle. Sentiment and shield to end the curse – since 2014 the ogre of Teide has not been crushed with the eternal goal of Vicente Gómez-. Las Palmas recovered its stamp of seriousness with the presence of Fabio as a hinge element. Drowning Francisco’s offensive front and flying out like airplanes. Rober and Benito, finally, exercised that factor of explosive speed.

But the recovery of the essence, of this UD slave to vertigo, does not only obey the physical thermometer. Ruiz confirmed his omnipresent role, in the generation and in the defense, to uncover himself as one of the great midfielders in the category. Emulating the best Milla, formerly of Tenerife, who are in the derby, and now enrolled in the ranks of Granada.

In that lofty and imperial triangle -Ruiz, Enzo and the great Fabio-, the UD projected itself into the afterlife, exposing one of the colossi of the competition. Monchu, Saiz, Gumbau, Bustos and Cristóforo did not come up with the formula to tie up this new UD.

Without Araujo, with the notable absence of Pejiño, Mel won the chess game against Francisco. Checkmate the millionaire. The essence of the poor, run more and have a rocket like Jonathan Silva. Herein lies another fundamental element of awakening at the gates of the classic of silence. The Brazilian opened the field, raised the vision map and changed the UD suit. From the predictable stroke, shown before Oviedo, to a label without complexes. At the gates of the rarest derby in history, the yellows – without two major players such as Chino and Pejiño – captivated from the tactical rigor. Armed as an atomic power.

The debates are closed in the central axis – brave Álex Suárez after his double blunder against Nahuel – and Dani Castellano will have it difficult to play on Sunday. Regret the lack of determination of Valles, who was in a bad place in both Bernardo. Italian striker Pietro Iemmello tiptoed past. It lasted 54 minutes. It was his big night, a starting bet and he is still orphaned of glory. Mel withdrew it, raising the temperature of a sung divorce. There is no life without Araujo, the great amulet of this generous UD in commitment.

To Ruiz’s goal, highlighting the yellow book counter, the rival’s best weapon, Enzo’s missile is added to the crossbar. Francisco’s painting, without Stuani and with Sylla in the final stretch, was swallowed up by anticipation. Never seen. The hermetic block without ideas in the afternoon of the UD-Oviedo, is already a prey of memory. Mel has managed to reset the computer. It changed the mentality of a cadaverous army. Enzo, Ruiz, Benito and Silva. Witnesses of the new dawn. The derby is here, let Suso tremble.


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