April 11, 2021

Environmental groups ask the government for a more ambitious climate change law | Society

Environmental groups ask the government for a more ambitious climate change law | Society

The five leading environmental NGOs in Spain (Friends of the Earth, Ecologists in Action, Greenpeace, SEO / BirdLife and WWF) want a law on climate change and energy transition more ambitious. They complain to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, that last week presented the draft of the future norm, which sets a stronger global objective for the coming decades.

The draft of the ministry (which will have to be agreed with the political parties to be able to move forward in Congress) establishes as a goal that in 2030 the global emissions of greenhouse gases in Spain are 20% lower than in 1990. This implies cut a third of the country's current emissions in just over a decade.

The NGOs do welcome the fact that the draft has "almost all the main tools necessary to be up to the standards" approved in other countries in the last 10 years. But they consider that the 20% target is "clearly insufficient". They do not set an alternative percentage, but they recall that the European Parliament has just adopted a resolution in which it is committed to a 55% reduction for the Union as a whole in 2030. For its part, the Commission has already set a reduction of 40% and It is expected that by the end of this year, this commitment can be raised to 45%.

But those percentages are global objectives for the entire EU. Then, each country has more or less individualized goals depending on their starting circumstances. And the Spanish government maintains that the 20% target is more ambitious than it would have to cut it by applying all European standards to combat climate change.

Regarding the concrete measures of the draft law, ecologists applaud the prohibitions of fracking or the prospections. Or the withdrawal of incentives to fossil fuels. But they miss the "prohibition" of technologies of "capture and industrial storage of COtwo". Or a schedule of "programmed closure of coal and nuclear power plants before 2025". Predictably, this closure calendar (although not 2025, but later) will be presented shortly in the framework of the energy and climate plan that Spain must submit to the Commission.

Combustion cars

One of the measures that have had the most impact on the draft that the ministry presented last week is the veto on the sales of passenger cars and vans that emit COtwo As of 2040, the environmental groups consider that this prohibition (which other EU countries are also putting on the table) must be advanced much more, to 2028.

NGOs also propose that 100% of the electricity system be renewable in 2030, and not in 2040 as indicated in the draft. And they demand a "rate on CO emissionstwo and other specific measures of eco-quality ", which are set aside in the draft.


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