Entrepreneurs take shelter in franchises to boost business in the face of economic uncertainty

GDVMadrid Updated: 06/29/2022 19:35h

Entrepreneurship is once again one of the main options for joining the labor market at a time of high volatility that has underpinned the
accelerated price crisis
by the war in Ukraine, but which still allows the sustained growth of the economy after the worst moments of the health crisis. In this way, self-employment appears as an option to maintain activity, although it is shown in new business models that are increasingly gaining prominence in the productive fabric, as is the case of franchises.

The world of franchises has emerged in recent years as a very powerful opportunity for businesses to create expansion plans. They thus allow the creation of a rapid, economical and safe shared growth system for the expansion of a company thanks to a franchisee who decides to start and develop a business that has already passed the 'trial period'.

Our country is one of those that sustains the greatest growth among the territories of our economic environment. “In the last 30 years we have witnessed a growth of close to 2,500% in the number of brands that use the franchise as a growth system in our country, approximately 1,400, with nearly 78,000 points of sale integrated in them. It is obvious that they are representative indicators of the relevance of the franchise system in the modernization and development of our commercial structures", says Mariano Alonso, president of the board of directors of the franchise accelerator company Alfa F.

Under this scenario, initiatives have been born that have helped implement greater growth. Not only from the point of view of the entrepreneur who decides to set up a franchise, but from a previous step in which a company with growth potential and expectations takes the step to franchise elsewhere. The Alfa F franchise accelerator invests in a selection of businesses that it works to grow. "We provide everything they need in terms of consultancy, project implementation, strategic expansion plans, informative actions, selection management and integration of franchisees and control of the activity of the points of sale..." Alonso points out.

«The objective is to manage from within the creation of the new sales channel that for the company means having its own network of franchises. Let's say that we are a specialized partner that brings to the technical know-how of the entrepreneur our own organizational know-how of creating, developing and sustaining the future network of franchises », he continues explaining.

Injection of 14 million euros

A firm commitment to revalue businesses with potential and franchise them thanks to the creation of commercial networks. "We have a total goal of opening 650 points of sale, with an average of 13 per brand," says Mariano Alonso, who continues by emphasizing that Alfa F will inject 14 million euros over the next four years. “That means that we have a budget of 240 to 325 thousand euros to invest, within a maximum period of four years, in each of the 50 brands that we intend to manage from Alfa F. That will be our investment in the brands. Quite a challenge for our firm and an exceptional opportunity for those entrepreneurs who think of franchising and see us as an ideal travel companion.

There is still much to do within the sector and its growth possibilities multiply. In this sense, the franchise still shows improvement fronts and will have to work on them. Mariano Alonso focuses on two specifically: the need shown by our chains to better select their franchisees, but also, on the other hand, to train them more and better.

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