Entrepreneurs hope the “ridiculous” quarantine measure for tourists will be rectified

The president of the Madrid Business Confederation (CEIM), Miguel Garrido, has expressed his hope that the Government will rectify the “ridiculous” decision to subject foreign tourists to quarantine, adopted – he said – without consulting the sector and without being better thought out.

In an interview this morning with Onda Cero radio, Garrido said regarding this measure that the most correct thing would be to make “massive tests” to diagnose the coronavirus to travelers from abroad.

The president of the Madrid businessmen has said that some measures of the central government are “disconcerting” and he regretted that measures have been decreed without speaking before with the representatives of the sectors.

In his opinion, the announced measure to quarantine tourists “does not make any sense” and, furthermore, “would aggravate the ruin” that is already affecting economic activity.

The central government announced on Tuesday that from next Friday, the 15th, until the end of the state of alarm, travelers from abroad must stay at home or accommodation for 14 days and limit their movements only to buy food, pharmaceuticals and of first necessity or attending health centers.

Garrido has expressed his hope that “everything returns to sanity” and a sensible criterion is imposed, because, otherwise, the activity will be “unfeasible”.

Also, regarding the prohibition of announcing sales, Garrido has said that it is “a serious attack on business freedom” and recalled that the businessman is the one who risks his assets and makes the legitimate decisions aimed at getting his business to go forward.

And he estimated that if the Community of Madrid did not pass next Monday, the 18th, to phase 1 it would be “bad news” that would suppose “a very important cost” for economic activity, since “the bleeding would continue.”

Miguel Garrido has also stated that the business sector has not questioned or pressured the regional government to claim the transition to phase 1 and has stressed that what it has done is “warn” of the economic consequences for the sector after evaluating the impact and that “every day the cost is enormous” due to the disappearance of the business and employment fabric.

Regarding the possibility of future employment regulation files (ERE) and dismissals from objective criteria, Garrido said that companies should be able to count on “flexible tools that allow them to recover little by little and thus recover employment.”

According to Garrido, “if the activity of the company falls to 50 percent, it must have an adequate workforce, because, otherwise, the company and one hundred percent of the workers will disappear.”


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