Entrepreneurs are worried because the private sector is not being able to generate employment – La Provincia

The businessmen of the Islands qualify as“negative” the latest unemployment data in the Canary Islands. Figures that indicate that in January almost all the employment that was created throughout 2019 was destroyed. But what most worries the employer is thatthe 12,800 jobs that were generated over the last year in the Archipelago,62% was created by the public sector. “A fact thatevidence the inability of the private sector of the Islands to generate work“, the president of theCanary Confederation of Businessmen (CCE),Agustín Manrique de Lara.

According to the president of the employerLack of conditions such as “competitiveness, ease of investment or flexibility”to promote employment from the business sector, issues that, according to Manrique de Lara not only depend on public regulation, but also on the “foreign sector and macroeconomic expectations of the moment.” So the cooling of the foreign economy implies that theInternal market must make greater efforts to generate these conditions.

The Canarian employer has assessed the unemployment data this morning in a meeting with the Vice President of the Government,Roman Rodriguezat the headquarters of theCCEin the capital of Gran Canaria. The meeting was aimed at “generating complicities and aligning positions for the benefit of employment,” Manrique de Lara said before the meeting.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, coincided with the employers when describing the latest employment data as negative, but pointed out that although the unemployment registered in January is above the usual one, it is necessary to “relativize the figures and put them in relation to the trends “. And he added that the Canary IslandsIt has been one of the fastest growing communities in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) during the last quarterSo you don’t have to be alarmist.

Regarding the impact it may have on job destructionapproval of the rise in the minimum wage,Manraque de LaraHe was more worried thanRodriguez. Both agreed that it is a matter decided through social dialogue, but the president of the employer said that“raising the minimum wage in a high unemployment environment does not help to facilitate job creation”. Meanwhile, the Vice President of the Government insisted that the decision is the product of dialogue and understanding between unions and employers and that it is “good news for the Spanish economy and for workers with more difficulties”:

RodriguezHe took advantage of the meeting to assess the conflict that has been generated in the countryside and the mobilizations of the primary sector. “It seems good to me that the affected sectors move.Primary sector needs to move because we are also at a time where there is a great global reflection on proximity production“said the vice president.RodriguezHe understood that everyone has to be aware that one of the keys will be to buy products that are produced “close” and not those that are produced thousands or tens of thousands of kilometers away. Therefore, he insisted that it is okay for farmers to demand responsibility for the Government of Spain to intervene.

For his part, the vice president placed special emphasis on the cohesion policies and agricultural policies of the European Union “losing weight” in the budget, “so it is essential that the common agricultural policy be maintained and that the resources that are deliver really reach the producers. “

The president of theCCEHe described the situation in the countryside as “dramatic” and stressed the importance of finding formulas that make Canarian products more competitive. “In the Canary Islands, we compete with Morocco, where the salary level is many times lower than ours, so we have to use other tools to compete,” he said.Manrique de LaraHe stressed that you have to decide what you want to do with the agricultural sector. “If we want to keep it with the new salary costs thenwe have to make other efforts regarding Social Security contributionsbecause it is impossible for a Canarian product, with the production costs in other regions, to be competitive in other markets, “he concluded.


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