May 27, 2020

Entertainment giants put the magnifying glass on educational TV in Latin America

Entertainment giants DirecTV, Disney, NatGeo and Discovery began this Wednesday in Colombia the III Ibero-American School + Congress, the innovative educational television program for remote areas of Latin America in which they collaborate with Sky, the Tournament Foundation and Takeoff Media.

The meeting will bring together world researchers in education and technology for two days in Medellin to discuss how students will study in the coming decades and their relationship with audiovisuals.

"We have gathered so that each of these giants bring the best and fulfill that promise we made to schools and their teachers," Sandro Mesquita, vice president of Social Responsibility for Latin America at AT&T and its subsidiary DirecTV, told Efe.

These owners of several of the most influential channels and media in the world cooperate in the development of content -documentaries, fictions, educational sheets and digital programs- to improve children's learning.

The initiative was initially created by DirecTV in 2007 and claims to have already impacted some two million Latin American students.

Its contents are distributed free and satellite to schools and teachers in remote areas.

"The relationship between audiovisual and education is 30 years old. The issue is that with new content and neuroscientific practices, these become data encyclopedias that can be better applied in the classroom," he added.

In this third meeting of the initiative, topics such as digital media and innovation, its relationship with rural education, media competencies in education and audiovisual content of the 21st century are discussed, among others, the executive listed.

Among the exhibitors are Janni Benavides, National Geographic Explorer; Belén Urbaneja, senior executive of The Walt Disney Company; and Ignacio Bazzano, CEO of Takeoff Media, as well as teachers and academy representatives.

"With this program I was able to select very motivating activities and I was able to facilitate learning. I use all the material, from Disney videos to soccer tournaments. Everything to make my classes more playful," the psychologist José Javier Larrea, creator of the program, explained to Efe Your smile is my goal, from Little Kickers Ecuador.

The teacher applies videos of animals or airplanes, for example, so that his students, imitating their movements, develop in their physical education classes as part of this project that, he said, has been carried out since 2017 at the Triangle Foundation in Quito.

Precisely, Escuela + supports more than 120,000 teachers in Spanish and Portuguese in 9,500 schools in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela, in a joint effort with the local Ministries of Education.

Its content has reached several remote places in the region, such as the Amazon, Antarctica, Juan Fernández Island (Chile) and the southernmost town in the world, the Chilean Puerto Toro.

DirecTV has been conducting a pilot test of "Escuela + Intercultural" since 2018, a version of this platform that will be aimed at indigenous peoples with material in their native languages.

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