April 19, 2021

Enrollments fall by 8% in January and accumulate five months on the downside – La Provincia

Enrollments fall by 8% in January and accumulate five months on the downside - La Provincia

The registrations of cars and jeeps have closed the month of January with a fall of 8% compared to the same month of the previous year, until reaching a volume of 93,546 units, according to data from the associations of manufacturers (Anfac), dealers (Faconauto) and sellers (Ganvam).

With this new descent, the Spanish car market accumulates five consecutive months in decline, since it came into force, in September of last year, the new cycle of homologation of consumption and emissions WLTP.

Likewise, last month was the first January with negative data on the commercialization of cars and jeeps in the Spanish market since 2014, after five consecutive years with growth in this month.

The main associations of the Spanish automotive industry stress that this phenomenon was not registered since the economic crisis and that the main responsible for this drop in deliveries in January It was the private channel.

The Private customers bought 47,244 cars last month, which translates into a decline of 9.6%. "The uncertainty and confusion that is being generated among customers, with the successive announcements of prohibitions and restrictions, added to the negative economic outlook, are paralyzing the market," denounce Anfac, Faconauto and Ganvam.

The fleets did not compensate for the lower sales to individuals as has occurred in previous months, because the economic expectations are resisting and the pre-owned vehicles are losing residual value, highlight the different associations. Corporate purchases were 31,374 units, down 5.5%, while rental companies acquired 14,928 automobiles last month, down 8%.

On his side, Diesel continued behind gasoline in January. Thus, last month, 60% of deliveries corresponded to gasoline models, compared to 28.9% of diesel and 11.1% of hybrids and electric.

Stagnation of registrations in 2019

The director of Communication of Anfac, Noemi Navas, explained that it is "worrisome" the fact that the channel of individuals recorded a continuous decline for already five months.

"Families continue to delay their purchase decision due to market uncertainty and confusion about which car to buy. Demand continues to weaken. We anticipate, in this sense, a stagnation of enrollment in the current year, "he said.

In addition, he warned that in the first weeks of January they sold the same number of vehicles over 15 years of new cars, which is a "very negative" for the renewal of the car park, whose average age continues to grow.

For his part, the director of Communication of Faconauto, Raul Morales, stressed that registration data were saved "a little" in January due to last-minute auto-enrollment.

Like Anfac, Faconauto detects that the doubts that buyers have about which car to buy is one of the main causes that are causing sales of cars and SUVs to fall and warns that the market is in "deadlock".

"To restore trust, it is necessary to build precise policies and regulations that encourage renewal by encouraging the purchase of vehicles with zero-emission and low-emission technologies, without discriminating the latest generation diesel and gasoline engines, "said Ganvam Communication Director Alberto Tapia.

All segments decreased in the first month of the course, with the exception of utilities (+ 3.9%), sports (+ 8.2%), premium (+ 5.4%), small roads (+6.1). %) and means (+ 0.2%). The one that registered the highest sales was that of medium haul, with 20,727 units sold, followed by utilities and compacts, with 20,477 and 18,577 units (-18.4%), respectively.


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