March 4, 2021

Enrollment plummeted 8.3%

Enrollment plummeted 8.3%

The registrations of cars and SUVs in Spain fell by 8.3% in June compared to the same month of 2018, to 130,519 units, the largest decrease for this month in eight years, reported Monday the manufacturer's employers (Anfac) , sellers (Ganvam) and dealers (Faconauto).

For the channel of individuals, it is the worst data of June in the last three years, to go that, traditionally, this is a very positive month for the deliveries of vehicles both in this channel and in the companies and renters.

In the first six months of 2019, sales of passenger cars and off-road vehicles fell by 5.7%, with 692,472 units registered.

Back to the records of June, sales in the channel of individuals decreased for the tenth consecutive month in interannual rate, 18% (50,408 units), with falls in all autonomous communities and double-digit in virtually all of them.

Navarra led these setbacks, with 27.7% fewer cars sold (980 units); followed by Canarias (23.3%, 6,052 units) and La Rioja (22.7%, 395 units).

The channel of companies fell by 6.8% (39,139 units) and registrations for rental companies rose by 5% in June (40,972 units) driven by the forecasts of the summer campaign.

By type of fuel, sales of gasoline-powered cars increased by 3% in June compared to the same month in 2018, to 80,728 units (for the semester, the increase was 4%); while those of diesel fell 33% (33,792 units), with a drop to June in the environment of 30% (192,080).

As for electrical, plug-in hybrids, gas or hydrogen, in June 13,999 passenger cars were sold, 20.13% more; while in the period from January to June, registrations grew by 41.37% (73,021 units).

In the accumulated of the year, deliveries to individuals fell by 12.3% (295,445 units); 2.2% for rental companies (182,095) and up 1.7% in the business channel (214,932).

Registrations of light commercial vehicles grew by 2.3% between January and June (115,762 units) and those of industrial vehicles, buses, coaches and microbuses rose by 4.6% (14,626 units) thanks to an outstanding month of June (37 % more up to 3,015 units).

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