Enrique Ponce, a bullfighting animalistic, ethical and not self-critical discourse | Culture

Enrique Ponce, a bullfighting animalistic, ethical and not self-critical discourse | Culture

"Bullfighting does not belong to anyone or anything, it is a cultural asset that we receive and we must bequeath to future generations". "You have to redesign the future of bullfighting." "Bullfighting should adapt and not hide the head under the wing." "The animalists suffer an empathic and emotional imbalance because they behave with an animal as if it were human". "Our path is to win the ethical and moral battle on the street." "Bullfighting is art among the arts, and it is time to generate emotional synergies."

These are some of the statements that the right-handed Enrique Ponce expressed yesterday at the inauguration of the II International Bullfighting Congress, which takes place in Murcia under the title 'The bullfighting of the XXI century', organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the collaboration of the Community of Murcia and the city council of the capital.

In the presence of Román Fernández-Baca, general director of Fine Arts, top bullfighter responsible for the ministry; Fernando López Miras, Murcia president, municipal representatives and numerous public that filled the Larrea theater in Murcia, Enrique Ponce was the star of the inaugural act with a speech entitled 'The Tauromamaquia, way of life', an ethical, aesthetic, animalistic text , brave and scarcely self-critical about the current reality of the bullfighting festival and its role as a relevant figure.

However, the bullfighter said at the beginning of his speech that "my commitment is absolute as befits a matador who has toured all the countries of bullfighting tradition, and I will never give back to bullfighting what he has given me since my beginnings with my grandfather Leandro. "

"We are not in a time of change, but in a change of time," he continued. "Everything is in question and in motion, which forces us to redesign the future of bullfighting and open up new channels of communication."

He referred, next, to the animalists "whom I refuse to call them as such because they are not or no more than us". "Animalists are all of us who raise and love animals, although we must listen to them to know them and find the best way to fight them."

"The animals," he said, "suffer an emotional imbalance because they behave with an animal as with a human being."

"You have to take action," he concluded. "We should not mind the insult or deny us subsidies, because it is preferable that we steal the money to steal our culture."

Enrique Ponce advocated opening new paths to the bullfighting party, and "not allowing our culture to empty emotional content, because bullfighting is art among the arts".

"We are living a new era and we must evolve," he said. "Let's be loyal to bull and bullfighting, which has gone from being a game to a way of life."

It was a poetic, ethical, aesthetic, bombastic, meaningful and well-told text about modern bullfighting, although it did not explain the new design that aims for the party and avoided at all times referring to the problems that beset the current bullfighting spectacle and the responsibility of the bullfighters, especially the figures, among which he is one of the most prominent and recognized.

After a brilliant musical performance of the show 'Flamenco Iberia' by Ángel Manarre, the present authorities spoke to ponder the words of Ponce and express their full confidence that the II International Congress of Bullfighting should be "the consecration of the future of bullfighting", as indicated by Jesús Pacheco, Councilor for Culture of the City of Murcia.

The meeting continues on Friday and Saturday with a tight program that will analyze different aspects of the bullfighting festival, such as its economic, social and cultural impact.


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