January 28, 2021

Enric Montefusco opens the sixth Monopol Music Festival, which offers 20 documentaries and 9 concerts – La Provincia

Enric Montefusco opens the sixth Monopol Music Festival, which offers 20 documentaries and 9 concerts - La Provincia

The sixth edition of the Monopol Music Festival (MMF), program of musical documentary film and concerts that is presented as part of the contents of the International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and that will be celebrated between the next 22 and March 31, will have this year with about twenty documentaries, nine concerts, showcases and a meeting between writers and journalists who approach the history of contemporary music from their work. Enric Montefusco, leader of the extinct Standstill, will open the musical section with a concert in The Paper Club (Calle Remedios 10) on Saturday March 23, in which he will premiere his imminent album for the first time, Diagonal, which will be published on April 5. The Catalan artist will inaugurate the MMF together with the Tenerife band GAF & The Death Star.

Víctor Ordóñez, Director of the MMF, Y Luis Miranda, Director of the International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, presented this Friday at the Palacete Rodríguez Quegles the contents of this sixth edition, and a programmatic line that remains faithful to the essence of its founding principles, the commitment to quality and cutting-edge musical projects, with special emphasis on emerging figures, but also offering first line artists, demanded by a demanding public that will be able to enjoy the visit of projects that had never visited the islands or whose absence for many years needed an immediate update. In this section we find Nacho Vegas, that will present its last record work on March 29, Violética (Marxophone, 2018), who returns to the Canary Islands almost 15 years after his last concert in Gran Canaria in October 2004, and will do so accompanied by the promising voice of Alice Wonder; or the aforementioned Enric Montefusco, who will come to present his solo project for the first time.

The concerts will be completed in the Plaza de Santa Ana (Saturday March 30, free entry), in which they will share the stage Much, project of Martí Perarnau IV and that he also arrives presenting a new album, Is there someone at home?; the Gran Canaria band Lajalada, leadered by Bethlehem Doreste (Bel Bee Bee); the dutch combo EUT, a group that is according to the organization, has an extraordinary projection and that distills a kind of synth pop that does not do without dancing guitars and that is MMF bet in its first festival in Spain; Y Of faith, with the showman Óscar D'Aniello pulling as never before a repertoire that is part of the best Spanish pop of this century, as underlined by the organization of the MMF.

As for the projections, the selection also contains the variables that have made the MMF an unmissable event for those who love the two arts that come together every year in the Multicines Monopol: cinematographic productions with music as main argument, in which mythical biographies are reflected and movements of the most alternative scene are captured. In this sixth edition, the documentaries -which will begin to be screened on Friday, March 22- include titles such as Black is Black, which details the success of The Braves, seminal band of the Iberian rock; and in Songs of a Revolution, Nacho Vegas, who will present the documentary, travel through popular music the corners, towns and villages from which came the proletarians who rose up in Asturias during the 1934 Revolution singing popular songs that still remain in memory.

Zappa, Peret and Zurda

Other proposals are Eat that Question, Collage of interviews and television appearances, an approach to the character that was hiding behind Frank Zappa, and that draws a cohesive profile of the artist with his own words; Conny Plank: Potential of Noise is the musical and human portrait of Conny Plank, the visionary producer who pushed the German vanguard of the early 70s (Kraftwerk, Neu !, Harmonia, Cluster, Guru Guru et al) from his farm in Cologne converted into a recording studio; Lawrence of Belgravia presents the eccentric ex-leader of the sumptuous Felt and the eighties Denim, genius misunderstood, cursed artist by definition, one of the most eccentric and particular composers of the indie generation; Y On the Sky relives the golden years of funk and disco music from the bowels of one of its main references, the group Sly Stone & The Family.

Among the national productions, it is worth mentioning I am the Rumba, the life and work of the king of the genre, the disappeared Peret, for which the MMF will have the presence of the artist's grandchildren, who will be portrayed with a concert prior to the screening; Suede: The Insatiable Ones, a film directed by Mike Christie, tells the story of the English group precursor of britpop; Left-handed , the Canarian quota of this edition signed by José María de Paiz, discovers one of the pioneers of punk in Spain, founder of groups such as Chronic Scurvy or Urban Guerrilla, referents of the genre in La Laguna; Queercore tells the story of a countercultural movement that arises to combat the gentrification of gay and punk homophobia in the mid-1980s, an anarchic and transgender scene whose message continues to give war; Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington DC (1980-90) visits the heroic stage of Dischord Records, the seal of Washington DC, and the hardcore community that cemented it. A critical documentary through bands like Minor Threat, Teen Idles, Black Market Baby Y Faith; Y Callas, Dive into the turbulent existence of the diva of bel canto.

Other pieces that are projected are Cassette, that shows musicians and music lovers like Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Daniel Johnston, among others, speaking of the cassette as an instrument of romantic conquest, as a way to distribute underground music, and of course, as a format of musical training both for them and for a whole generation; I Am Thor investigates in a peculiar group, a luck of Schwarzenegger of the hard rock that wanted to unite bodybuilding, metal rock and mystical-Nordic vaudeville in a single band / figure; Milford Graves Full Mantis is shot by two students of the musician and percussionist Milford Graves and introduces us into the complex world of beliefs and spiritual visions of which he was one of the forerunners of free jazz in the sixties; Mabangi / M.I.A. brings together two decades of home videos that reveal the life of MINE., first as a refugee in London fleeing the war in Sri Lanka and then as a pop music star; Shut Up & Play the Piano it's a journey full of megalomania and piano music from Chilly Gonzales, from the punk scene in Berlin to the philharmonic orchestras; In the Middle of Norway addresses the double life of Jorge Martí Waters, vocalist of The Red Room, who comes to the MMF, and when the winter comes he leaves aside his musical face to return to Norway, where he lives with his wife Ingrid Øverås, affected by a chronic illness; Y The Will Have to Kill us First, that moves us to 2012, when the jihadists seized the north of Mali and banned all forms of music. They destroyed radio stations and threatened to kill those who dared to challenge them.

"An ambitious musical and cinematographic program," according to the organization, which has a budget of 66,000 euros, 8,000 more than last year, and which will also have extra activities closer, more intimate and of great value to the viewer, in the that artists related to the tapes or concerts will intervene or to present a documentary, such as Nacho Vegas, who will attend on March 29 to the screening of Songs of a Revolution as a prologueist; Enric Montefusco, who will present his book Cannon fodder, next to a special acoustic showcase; Jorge Martí, singer of The Red Room, that besides introducing us in the documentary of the band, In the Middle of Norway, will star in another of the musical moments of the MMF; or the group the Legacy of Peret, grandchildren of Peret, who will also perform songs by the Catalan artist during the screening of Yo Soy la Rumba.

Finally, the extra activity of the MMF Written in the Stone will gather around a table of work different local creators -journalists, writers, documentary makers, filmmakers- whose relationship with music has led them to immortalize with their work of cultural archeology a good part of contemporary popular music made in the Canary Islands. Conceived as an encounter, colloquium or round table, this act will also have the participation of Xavier Valiño, author of works that analyze and tell the work of national or international musicians of the caliber of Low hits or Elvis Costello, and that will share this creative process with those who keep the memory of our cultural values ​​safe.

The schedules of all concerts, ticket sales, documentary screenings and complementary activities can be found on the web: www.monopolmusicfestival.com


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