March 4, 2021

'Enlightened affection' invites you to live a summer in the Viennese court – The Province

The House of Columbus celebrates on July 10, at 8:00 p.m., the fifth and last concert included in the fourth edition of the cycle Old music in the courtyard, which includes the group's performance The illustrated affection Settecento that Adrián Linares (violin), Pablo Sosa (Traverso), Iván Sáez (viola) and Diego Pérez (violoncello), will offer the program called A summer at the Viennese court, composed of the quartets with flute by Haydn and Mozart.

The concert is open until the capacity of the patio of the aforementioned museum is completed, which in the last dates has registered a great success of the public that has completed the capacity of the aforementioned patio.

The aforementioned program offers the public the works of Haydn Quartet with flute in D major, opus 5 number 1 Y Quartet with flute in G major, opus 5 number 2. While Mozart will interpret the Quartet with flute in C major, K171 and the Quartet with flute in D major, K285.

The Illustrated Affection was born during the First Cycle of Ancient Music of the Cathedral of Valencia in the year 2012. Conceived as a innovative and versatile camera group, its philosophy is to present and bring to the public a historicist interpretation of the repertoire between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries in a close and tangible way.

The ensemble is integrated by professionals who excel in the national and international music scene. Its components, active in the main groups of the country, in the teaching, or in the solo career, suppose a compendium of ideas and optics that turn the projects of The Illustrated Affection into unique and inspiring experiences for the listener.

With little explored concert formats, the objective of El Afecto Ilustrado is based on presenting and disseminating programs of a high level of interpretive quality, historical accuracy Y respect to the original sources, the result of a detailed process of musical and historical study and research.

For this occasion the interpreters of El Afecto Ilustrado are: Adrián Linares, violin Pablo Sosa, traverso, Iván Sáez, viola Diego Pérez, violoncello.

El Amor Ilustrado has already starred in two successful concerts in previous editions of Ancient Music in the Patio: in 2017, Serenissima, a journey through the music of Antonio Vivaldi, with the soprano Estefanía Perdomo, and in 2018, What life writes, travel as a melologist for the life of Tomás de Iriarte.

Música Antigua en el Patio is a program coordinated by Carlos Oramas for music lovers to come to the Colombian museum and enjoy, with the ideal ambience and acoustics provided by the Patio de la Casa de Colón, of melodies performed by great professionals of the Ancient Music in the Canary Islands.

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