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A cinematographic impulse to bring hope and optimism in the midst of this chaos

Prensa Ibérica joins the social and solidarity initiative of Miguel Ángel Tobías, Accamedia, Digital Version and Stories that must be told, that put the premiere of the documentary 'The script of your life' is free for everyone, while the confinement caused by the coronavirus pandemic lasts, in this link.

'THE SCRIPT OF YOUR LIFE', is the last documentary of a social, charitable and charitable nature, produced and directed by Miguel Ángel Tobías. It tells the story of eight young people from different countries, with a deep disenchantment with the world, protagonists of a life marked from childhood by serious family problems, poverty, disability, integration, identity ... and that, despite of everything, they are getting ahead.

The communication group Prensa Ibérica and Miguel Ángel Tobías consider that this altruistic film initiative can help young people, now confined to their homes, learn about motivation, resilience and solidarity seeing content that allows them to value and become aware of their opportunities, which they will continue to have when we overcome the current situation. "This documentary brings, at this moment of uncertainty, concern for the future and despair, a true message of improvement and optimism, so necessary for everyone and particularly for young people, "stresses the director of the documentary.

Miguel Ángel Tobías has spent 15 years touring the world with his cameras, showing human experiences, telling life stories through its programs, documentary series, film documentaries and movies. Committed to the dissemination of values ​​and to public awareness and mobilization, he dedicates huge resources to the production of documentaries and social, charitable and charitable films. As it shows, the success of its last film premiere, the moviea My name is Gennet (2019); a true story that tells the life of Gennet Corcuera, from her childhood, before she was abandoned in a shelter in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), to becoming the first deafblind person to get a university degree in Europe.

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