Enjoy 'The curious incident of the dog at midnight' | THE COUNTRY +

Considered by international critics as one of the most amazing and captivating works of recent years, The curious incident of the dog at midnight It is the most awarded production of recent years.

The work counts Christopher Boone's story, a child with an autistic disorder and one dazzling intellectual ability, who decides to investigate the strange death of her neighbor's dog. Christopher's peculiar worldview and his relationship with his parents and especially with his teacher, give rise to a touching story of overcoming, friendship and tolerance, wrapped in an extensive cast of characters that cross the path of the stubborn Christopher.

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy the 2nd season of this wonderful work the days September 8, 11 and 12 at Marquina Theater of Madrid. Choose which function you would like to attend and participate to get one of the 25 double tickets We have booked per day.


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