England: Spain shrugs its foot | sports

England: Spain shrugs its foot | sports

The defeat of Spain against England in Benito Villamarín (2-3) It was the first setback for Luis Enrique in his new job as coach, and a dry halt in the transformation that the Asturian coach intended to carry out with which he tried to leave behind the fiasco of the World Cup in Russia. The meeting last night in Seville uncovered in its first 45 minutes a sequence of errors (both individual and tactical) of such caliber that triggered the worst loss in history on local soil of La Roja (0-3) in a first period of a official match

The triangle formed by the central, Nacho and Ramos, and the midfielder closest to the defense line, Busquets, made waves in the containment of the physical game proposed by England, which was handled with a crushing superiority in midfield, saint and sign of a terribly vulnerable Spain in its most developed faction in recent years. It did not take the English to have the ball (they only possessed it 27.6% of the time) to score three times, the only three shots between the three clubs they made throughout the game.

The lineup of Busquets with Saul and Thiago in a line of three did not serve as a dam against Dier, Winks (who entered by the sanctioned Henderson) and Barkley, three players of all but technical, which, however, as in the In the case of the third, they came to assist between the lines of their forwards without any Spanish soccer player preventing it. Sterling's first goal summed up all of Spain's shortcomings and uncovered the best version of the new England that Southgate intends to build. For more than a minute (here the video of the play) the ball went through the boots of ten of the eleven players (twice came to Pickford), before Rashford filtered the final pass for the City player to open the scoring.

Barkley fights for the ball with Ceballos.
Barkley fights for the ball with Ceballos. Getty

"Spain is now a more direct team", had indicated the English coach before the match. And his team, with pieces that differ in design to which Luis Enrique handles, behaved, however, as an adaptation of undisputed revenue. With Asensio disconnected, more pending to cover the climbs of Trippier (which has been imposed on Walker for his best foot), and the frequent falls of Sterling on the left side, Marcos Alonso was outnumbered. In no way did Ramos help (he failed 12 passes, the highest score matched with Busquets, and snatched the ball 14 times), which also failed to contain Harry Kane, who left the Villamarín with two assists to his credit in the only two occasions of danger that generated during the game.

The inaccuracies of debutant Jonny on the right side did not strengthen the defense of La Roja either. The Galician lost 16 balls, the largest number of his team, and only managed to anticipate his brand on one occasion, the only one in which Rashford did not win the game. Adding all the errors of the line of defense, Spain snatched the ball 51 times.

The entry of Paco Alcácer and Ceballos in the second half transformed the paradigm of the match, with a Spain overturned to the attack that generated 13 shots (nine of them from within the area), expanded its percentage of accuracy in the pass to 92.1 % and scored two goals in the three times he shot at Pickford's goal. However, the reaction was not enough to subdue England and to avoid a defeat that forced him to win Croatia in the last match to ensure his presence in the game. final four of the League of Nations. After three consecutive games adding the victory and leaving behind the ghost of Russia, the braking against England warns of the need for greater adaptation to the game of a template with a tendency to disconnect.

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