June 2, 2020

England loses its first qualifying match in 10 years | sports

England lost on Friday against the Czech Republic (2-1) their first qualifying match for a great tournament in 10 years, and with it an opportunity to seal their ticket for the 2020 Euro Cup already. Portugal and France, with two victories against Luxembourg (3-0) and Iceland (0-1) came very close to catching their passes for the championship.

England could not become the second team to qualify for the European Championship after Belgium, which on Thursday managed to seal its ticket. However, he wasted a golden opportunity and will have to wait another day to achieve his goal. The British team found a complicated opponent, who also had options and did not want to leave the pass to one of his top rivals on a plate. Despite the defeat, the men of Southgate began to savor their classification with the early Harry Kane, who opened the scoring five minutes from the penalty spot. It was his best moment of a first part in which he did not do much more because of the Czech push, which he managed to draw shortly after thanks to a shot by Jakub Brabec at the exit of a corner.

England, wanting to finalize its classification, stretched its lines in the second act, to achieve your goal. He barely had one more, very clear occasion, of Raheem Sterling, who failed one hand at a time You could have classified your team. He had no luck and the Republic Czech, with the goal of Zdenek Ondrasek, which did succeed, matched the British with 12 points and one more game. Kosovo, with 8 and one less match, is stalks.

In the other Group A match, Bulgaria and Montenegro signed the worst possible outcome for both: a draw. The final 0-0 condemned both selections, which, mathematically, lost their options to arrive to the European Championship. Both needed to win to not be eliminated and they ended up in tables. Worst impossible.

The hunger of Cristiano

In group B the protagonist was again the appetite of Cristiano Ronaldo, who pursued his goal 700 against Luxembourg in an official match. He scored in the 65th minute, a beautiful petroleum jelly after eight shots, but he left his personal account in 699, although some sources already give him 700, after counting a foul goal that he scored while in Madrid: the pitch was given by teammate Pepe , which was in the barrier, and the referee in the minutes granted it to the center.

Before that much 699, in a loose game of the Portuguese team, Bernardo Silva scored in the first half after an intern for the right wing of Nelson Semedo. The two goals were almost the only notable moments of a clash that ended with a logical victory rounded off with the target of Guedes that keeps Portugal in second place five points below Ukraine with one less game.

And it is that Ukraine did not fail in its commitment to Lithuania, which, Like Luxembourg, he ran out of options after losing 2-0. The culprit of the defeat had its own name: Ruslan Malinovsky, author of the two so many The first, after an excellent heel pass from Junior Moraes, and the second, of direct lack. Ukraine and Portugal will be measured in the next day in a clash that will clear doubts in group B.

And in the H, France ended an impressive run of Iceland in European qualifying matches. Since June 4, 2011, when He was defeated 0-2 by Denmark 8 years ago, he didn't lose at home. He duel was very important for your options to reach the Eurocup and He lost at the worst possible time.

After a soporific first part almost without occasions, a penalty transformed by Olivier Giroud was enough for France. Although Blaise Matuidi was able to increase the rent with a shot to the stick, the match ended 0-1 with three points for the men of Didier Deschamps, tied with
Turkey, which won Albania 1-0 with an agonizing goal at the end of Cenk Tosun. Both will face the next day with Iceland to four points of the classification and with Moldova eliminated after losing in Andorra, also outside, with a goal from Marc Vales that gave the first victory to the whole of the Principality.

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