England ends the euphoria of Spain – The Province

England ends the euphoria of Spain - The Province

The Spanish team finished its current state of euphoria on Monday since the arrival of Luis Enrique Martínez after falling through a clear 2-3 in the Benito Villamarín against England, victim of a terrible first part that complicates his options to play the Final Four of the League of Nations.

Spain needed the victory to qualify for the final phase of this new tournament, but everything went to ruin after a first 45 minutes that were a difficult stone to lift despite the improvement in the seconds. The undefeated streak stayed in 27 games and now will have to win in Zagreb November 15 to not depend on what happens three days later at Wembley between English and Croats.

Spain came out as determined as it is imprecise. The first allowed him to accumulate chances in a few minutes, but it was the second thing that cost him goodbye to triumph in a disastrous first half. England only needed to take advantage with their three forwards the mistakes of their rival, in a black night that was not seen for a long time.

Rashford, congratulated by English footballers after the 0-2. AFP

The three English goals of the first act were three blows. After four good local occasions, especially one of Marcos Alonso Pickford inexplicably pulled out when this seemed beaten, Busquets went to press the goalkeeper and he found in his ball to Kane. The '9', a headache for Nacho, he endured and connected with the speedy Rashford who sent a precise ball to the other side where Sterling He was unappealable.

With the 0-1, the 'Pross' took a small step back and also benefited the lack of fluidity with the ball of the Spaniards because Busquets, Saúl and Thiago only left flashes and were almost always 'devoured' by the visiting physicist in the middle, while above, Marco Asensio never guessed right in his decision making and Rodrigo Moreno and Iago Aspas barely participated.

Marcos Alonso congratulates Paco Alcácer after his goal. AFP

In this slow jam, in addition, defensive forcefulness was lacking and those of Gareth Southgate punished her without remission. Kane, after a good choice of Spain with a ball that did not hit to Asensio impasse, returned to make clear his qualities as '9' and held another ball to attend Rashford so that he would do the second to his partner De Gea.

Before the three-time champion of Europe could find a solution, another mistake left her on the edge of the precipice. Sterling, only in the mouth of goal, placidly pushed another assistance from Kane and the Spanish team, unsettled, went head down to try to redeem themselves to seek the miracle at halftime.

The soccer players of both teams discuss during a match throw. AFP

The first revulsives were Paco Alcácer and Dani Ceballos. The Valencian showed that he has a current idyll with the goal and nodded his first ball on a corner kick to give life. The goal had the desired effect and would have been greater if Rodrigo had not forgiven a tremendous error by Pickford who gave him the ball and then, skirting a penalty that the Polish referee did not whistle, avoid the Valencian shot.

Spain, with something more of soccer, was revolutionized and looked for the second goal that intimidated something more to England. Morata was the last local 'bullet', but the ones from Southgate knew how to control the situation and unlike a year ago at Wembley, when they wasted a 2-0 in the final moments, they did not waste their advantage despite the final excitement goal by Sergio Ramos.

Spain: From Gea; Jonny, Nacho, Ramos, Marcos Alonso; Thiago, Busquets, Saúl (Paco Alcácer, min.57); Aspas (Ceballos, min.57), Rodrigo (Morata, min.72) and Asensio.

England: Pickford; Trippier (Alexander-Arnold, min. 85), Maguire, Gomez, Chilwell; Barkley (Walker, min.75), Dier, Winks (Chalobah, min.91); Rashford, Kane and Sterling.

Goals: 0-1, minute 16. Sterling. 0-2, minute 20. Rashford. 0-3, 38 minute. Sterling. 1-3, minute 58. Paco Alcácer. 2-3, minute 97. Sergio Ramos.

Referee: Szymon Marciniak (POL). Amonestó to Sergio Ramos (min.64), Jonny (min.75), Ceballos (min.87) and Morata (min.97), for Spain, and Dier (min.11), Winks (min.65) and Maguire (min.71), for England.

Stadium: Benito Villamarín.


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