Eñe Festival: A spontaneous generation novel | Culture

Eñe Festival: A spontaneous generation novel | Culture

"Calm down, if you're worried, I'm in. I've seen some missed calls on the home phone, I've had a horrible day." novel created to six hands and in real time devised by and within the literary festival Eñe. From October 15 to 20 the writers Ana Santamaría, winner of the Cosecha Eñe Award; Carlos Manuel Álvarez, winner of the Casa Velázquez Eñe residence; and another mysterious novelist, whose identity will be unveiled on the 20th, will be the authors of this spontaneous writing experiment: Three in stripes: the mysterious novel.

At 11.00 this Monday, the first post in the form of email. Its real author is Santamaría and the fictitious one, Urbano Uribe, a middle-aged man, married and a university professor. This is all that the writer tells us about the first character. Little was agreed upon in this experiment: for each writer a fictional character, and among them they communicate by means of emails. "I started, against what had been agreed, for a logistics issue," Santamaría confessed to "this crazy challenge." And the secret to overcome it? "ANDhook people Create that curiosity to know what will happen and convey that everything happens on the fly, "he replied.

The program marked the beginning of the secret writer or writer, who will write as Marta Fuster, of whom we only know that she is a middle-aged, diplomatic woman, who travels constantly and is married to Uribe. Who is the author who hides behind Fuster knows only Luisgé Martín, writer and director of the festival. Martin has said that discovering the identity of this or this novelist is part of the game. "From here until Saturday there will be a bit of entanglement and humor in the form of epistolary correspondence between the three fictional characters", he has advanced on this activity of the program in which they wanted "something a little playful and playful".

The third character hides, still, another secret. Not its author, who is already known to be Carlos Manuel Álvarez, but who he is and what role he will play in the novel. Neither Martin nor Santamaría still know the profile, although the second intuits that it can be "a somewhat murky character". With these almost non-existent story lines and a "form of spontaneous coordination as they are interpellated," Martín explained, these three writers will go coordinating, who hardly know each other.

Santamaría is a writer of short formats, stories, stories, highlighted after the publication of the first letter: "NI thought my first novel would be like this. "Almost blindly, along with two other people who do not know anything, has revealed. "The truth is like a kind of rush. You can not stop thinking, creating, the challenge is huge and time is running," he said. At any time they can respond to Santamaría's letter and be asked to respond. To manage the time the writer has raised a parenthesis in their daily routine: "It is a constant expectation that you respond and come back with force to see how you can interact." We must be continuously alert and it is difficult to reconcile it with the rest of the things".

"It arose because it occurred to me, it seemed a useful, playful experiment that also brings together new technologies and helps, I think, to capture new readers, with a different way of reading," said the festival director. This activity is also related to the motto of the literary event, Telling life, and will address "things that have to do with love, betrayal, drugs, everything that scrapes and happens in life," he concluded.The novel resulting from this electronic correspondence will be published when Eñe ends. It can be followed in real time.


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