July 26, 2021

Endesa incorporates electric vehicles for trips in the Canary Islands plants – La Provincia

The power plants ofEndesa in the Canary Islands they are renovating thevehicle fleets used for work and internal displacement within the perimeter of its facilities, as reported by the company in a note.

In accordance with the company's Mobility Plan, the production centers of the Archipelago have incorporated various models ofelectric vansthat give daily service to the dozens of transfers of personnel and materials that are necessary for the correct operation of these infrastructures.

Both by the extension of the centrals and by the frequency of the displacements, the electric car is established with the appropriate alternative for mobility in the interior environment in the centrals. So far nine electric vehicles have been incorporated into the fleet of the Canary plants, which serve in the Barranco de Tirajana facilities (Gran Canaria), Granadilla (Tenerife), Los Guinchos (La Palma) and Llanos Blancos (El Hierro).

Through its Plan, Endesadrives the use of electric mobilityboth among its customers and within the company promoting the electrification of its corporate fleet and the vehicles of its employees. So, the company has theobjective of electrifying half of its corporate fleet(operational, commercial and representation) in three years, which means that, in 2021, it will have incorporated more than 400 pure electric vehicles and about 600 hybrids that will allow asaving of atmospheric emissions of 1,779 tons of CO2.

The company's employees have also demonstrated their commitment to electric mobility in the successive editions of the Mobility Plan in which 60 workers from the Canary Islands have acquired a private electric car, while around 700 national workers are around 700 workers They have pointed to electric mobility. The private electric vehicles of Endesa employees have traveled more than 23 million kilometers and have prevented the emission of more than 3,400 tons of recurring CO2 into the atmosphere each year, as well as the emission of particles and NOx, thus contributing to the improvement of air quality in cities.

In addition to promoting the use of the electric car in the company, Endesa announced a year ago the65 million euros investment to boost a network of over 8,500 recharging pointsin places of public access until 2023. Through these actions, the company demonstrates its commitment to sustainable mobility and electricity as a vector capable of reconciling environmental requirements with the energy needs of citizens.

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