Endesa employees denounce a "decapitalization" of the company

Endesa employees denounce a "decapitalization" of the company

A group of workers of Endesa, owned by the Italian group Enel, has concentrated today in the center of Madrid to protest against "the decapitalization, dismantling and outsourcing" that, according to its criterion, is being carried out in the company.

According to UGT Fica, dozens of workers from Endesa have concentrated to denounce the "disastrous" management that Enel is carrying out with Endesa, since, in his opinion, "it only seems to be interested in the billions of euros in benefits that is taking Italy. "

In addition, the union has ensured that the Italian group wants to eliminate the rights acquired by the workers of Endesa in the framework of the negotiation of the new collective agreement.

The employees of Endesa already concentrated last September on the presentation of the Basketball League that sponsors the company and in April they manifested coinciding with the shareholders meeting of the power company.

In March they protested before the Italian embassy for the "emptying" that Enel of Endesa makes.


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