November 25, 2020

End the course with the triumph of the ‘Poet’ in the Elimination Tournament

The atypical 2020 season of Latin Sailing, marked by the pandemic, lowered the curtain yesterday with the dispute of the very final of the La Caja de Canarias Foundation Elimination Tournament, in which the Poet Tomás Morales Clipper was proclaimed winner after a fierce dispute with Villa de Agüimes, second after giving up the lead due to a strategy error at the entrance to the Muelle de Las Palmas.

Morales knew how to play his cards and from the beginning he risked looking to surprise when he came out in the middle of the five boats that were playing the title -the aforementioned plus Pueblo Guanche, Puerto de La Luz and San José-. The coastal wind roles served for the winner to overcome his rivals.

Regarding the boats that were competing for the 2021 Aguas de Teror Championship qualifier, the Minerva came in first place, followed by the Porteño, the Guerra del Río and the Tara del Mar.


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