April 16, 2021

End of year excursion to Seville for the Goya | Culture

End of year excursion to Seville for the Goya | Culture

The Goya in Madrid resemble a hermit. They lock themselves in a hotel, in the outskirts, and nobody comes to visit them. The public, so necessary for any film, does not participate in the Spanish film festival. Also for that reason the president of the Academy, Mariano Barroso, decided that the ceremony would travel for the second time in its 33 years of history. After Barcelona, ​​Seville. And the Andalusian city embraced the Goya yesterday with an unprecedented enthusiasm. So much so that the prizes are proposed to return in future editions. "This is a land that always welcomes the foreigner, it is plural," he assured. Antonio de la Torre, winner of the Goya for the leading actor by The kingdom,in his speech of thanks.

The passion of the spontaneous assistants was well combined with a gala that tried to reconcile with the spectators also in their nominations. The two films with the most nominations, The kingdom Y Champions, were created with the public in mind. In particular, Fesser comedy reaches almost 20 million euros at the box office, thanks to 3.2 million tickets sold. The kingdom It has remained at 1.5 million.

Everyone, on the red carpet, they applauded the choice of traveling to Seville. "Spanish cinema is something national," said Antonio de la Torre. And Leonor Watling maintained that it had been like "an end-of-course excursion". Although not all were joys, at least for the public: in Madrid the few attendees wait a few meters from the red carpet, but with perfect visibility. In Seville, fans they were relegated behind fixed fences high enough to prevent them from seeing anything. Despite being very close, they could only guess who was on the red carpet. Hence, his passion for cinema and its stars became rage. "Shame!", "Cinema belongs to everyone", "open the door", were some of the most cogent slogans.

The delivery of the Sevillian public to the cinema comes from far away. This week the spectators have flocked to different theaters to watch the favorite movies until they fill all the passes. Not only in the center of the Andalusian capital: the inmates of the prison Sevilla 1 have seen Champions and the curious have taken photos in the photocall installed in the Consistory to look like national stars.

Sevilla made the Goya feel loved. They also helped presences such as those of the musicians James Rhodes – a pianist turned into a preacher of the excellence of Spain – and Rosalia, who performed at the gala. And many protagonists of the red carpet celebrated the presence of Champions Y The kingdom among the favorites. Although some voices, such as the actress Susi Sánchez, candidate for better female performance with The disease of Sunday, They opened the debate: "I'm sorry that the Academy does not focus on a more artistic cinema and shows a more sensitive look. Commercial films are already empowered by themselves. "

The muscle of the sector

"When I ask those who know about this, directors and producers, we seem to be moving towards a model where comedies and movies survive mainstream on the one hand, and those on low budget, on the other. The middle class of cinema, which is what gives muscle to the sector, is disappearing ", held De la Torre. And Juan Antonio Bayona, nominated in the past years with blockbusters as The impossible or A monster comes to see me, He argued that "all films are author's." "I find it difficult to differentiate, I think this represents the variety of Spanish cinema," he added.

Javier Fesser reaffirmed himself in that communion: "It is good and necessary that the Academy embraces this cinema, that it finds communion with the public, that we do not go separately". That movement, which at the Oscars is seen with the candidatures to Bohemian Rhapsody, A star is born or Black Panther, it was given before in the Spanish Film Academy, according to Penélope Cruz: "There has always been that good balance. And I also find it interesting that there is room for everyone. " Also for the fans.


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