April 15, 2021

end of trip for Opportunity

end of trip for Opportunity

The robot that has spent more time on Mars has not been able to withstand the sandstorm that hovered over him last June. After 15 years sending valuable information about the Martian surface, NASA has renounced contact with the ship, which is valued at 400 million. This was explained by the administrator of the American Space Agency, Jim Bridenstine, on his Twitter account: "After more than 800 attempts to contact the @MarsRover Opportunity, today we announce that an end to a successful Martian mission is over. Created to explore the Red Planet for 90 days, "Oppy" survived for more than 14 years. "

It should be noted that with this loss does not extend the presence of NASA on Mars. The Curiosity has been on the surface of the planet since 2010 to solve four important questions: determine if life existed on the Red Planet, characterize its climate, determine its geology and gather as much data as possible for a future human exploration.

It landed on Mars on January 24, 2004 along with Spirit, its twin, which ended its activity in 2010. Both weighed about 180 kilos (considered light robots), measured around a meter and a half and worked by the energy they obtained of the solar panels installed in its upper part. The Curiosity is three times heavier, but it is equipped with more advanced scientific instruments.

In these almost fifteen years, Opportunity has performed maneuvers never seen in space, including climbing to the very edge of Victoria Crater, throwing itself inside and leaving again. On one occasion he also got stuck in the Martian sand, and managed to escape with a "rescue mission" designed from Earth: NASA engineers tested the maneuvers with an exact replica of the vehicle and then replicate it with the probe.


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