March 6, 2021

Enaire sets for September 12 the reopening of Ciudad Real Airport

The Air Navigation Manager of Spain (Enaire) has set for September 12 the date of reopening of the Ciudad Real Airport.

According to the information published by Enaire and consulted this Thursday by Efe, this is included in the reference aeronautical information manual for air navigation and airport operations published by the navigation manager (AIP).

The amendment of information related to operational changes in air facilities and services (Airac) determines that with effect from September 12, data on radio-assistance systems, exit and entry procedures for the Ciudad Real Airport come into force.

The publication of these data does not imply the final authorization for the opening of the La Mancha airfield, which must await the approval of the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA), which is finally the competent authority to authorize the reopening of the airport.

In any case, the publication by Enaire of this information manual, is the previous step that must be taken to obtain the final authorization from Aesa, said aeronautical experts consulted by Efe.

The AIP collects details of the facilities, the physical characteristics of the runway, the approach lighting systems, the communication facilities or the operational restrictions, among other data.

The opening to air traffic of the Ciudad Real Airport would be seven hours a day and on weekends at the request of future users, who may request, 72 hours in advance, the authorization of the infrastructures to the airport manager.

The AIP determines the route of entry and exit that aircraft must use when it comes to day and night flights.

The company that owns the Ciudad Real Airport, Ciudad Real International Airport (CRIA), said in a statement that this publication is a "milestone" because it ends a long process that began in 2016 with the provisional awarding of the airport, which It was final in October 2018, and continued in January 2019, when the Ministry of Development recognized him as an airport manager.

In parallel to the administrative and legal work, CRIA has highlighted that it has "deployed an enormous activity to put in perfect condition the infrastructure, facilities and equipment of the airport".

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