Enaire restricts access to control towers to external personnel

Enaire has restricted access to airport control towers and common services of the centers, such as cafeterias or rest centers, to all personnel outside the usual operations and urgently processes the hiring and supply of prevention material .

The airport manager's protocol to deal with the spread of coronavirus contagion establishes three levels of contingency, of which the first one is now activated, which is applied as long as there is no "or minimal" community transmission or has not been affected in dependencies of Enaire

The plan is designed for a scenario of normal air traffic and does not include, at its level three, the highest, the closure of the towers.

Enaire has explained to Efe that they follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health at all times and brings together almost daily the monitoring committee expressly created for this situation.

At the current alert level, the company has suspended the international trips of its workers especially if they are by plane or to the risk areas declared by Health (China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Iran and the Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto , Emilia Romagna and Piedmont).

In addition, it has restricted meetings, for which it recommends holding them by audiovisual means in cases where it is possible and advises that those that are maintained be held in rooms that allow a space equal to or greater than one meter between attendees.

In case of activation of the maximum alert level provided for in this plan, Enaire would prohibit access to control towers and common services to anyone who does not operate there, including Enaire personnel not assigned to that function, and would limit meetings to a maximum of three assistants.


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