Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Empty Spain as the scene of love and a crime | Culture

The only noise that was heard in the center of town was that of the strong breeze coming down the mountain. A sign on a street warns: "Children playing." But there is no one. That is the scenario that the writer chose Gabás light (Monsoon, 51 years old) to publicize his new novel, The beat of the earth (Planet).

Majaelrayo is a town of Castilla-La Mancha 127 kilometers from Madrid. To reach it you have to cross extensive golden fields by the sun, where the roads are winding and you can barely see cars. The presentation of the book, held there on Thursday, became an event attended by most of the 20 inhabitants I saw come in the town, full of houses built with slate. Majaelrayo's scenario is similar to that described in The beat of the earth, which takes place in a town in empty Spain, that huge territory comprised by the provinces whose small towns unpopulated They are abandoned by their inhabitants, who seek to settle in large cities. In the novel, in addition to that reality, stories of love and crime come together loaded with a feeling of melancholy that leads to the introspection of the reader.

The book, the fourth published by the author, is also a mixture of genres that range from love to police and historical. Gabás explains that, in short, The beat of the earth It is an allegory built on metaphors of the individual and the society of which it is a part. To create it, he says, he uses the feelings of security, anguish and fear, which are recurrent throughout the narrative, in which elements such as identity, home, memory and memories are also fundamental.

The writer says that the intention of locating her story in an uninhabited town is not an attempt to help alleviate the problem of empty Spain. Instead, he considers that the barrier between the countryside and the city must be set aside. “I wanted to see the rural issue as normal,” says Gabás, who believes that the bottom image of that landscape must be finished. “I would like to see what beings in that novel inhabit the countryside. They are much more normal, closer to you, urban, to you who live in New York, than we may think, ”he says.

At the end of the afternoon, the roosters that were heard earlier no longer sing in Majaelrayo. The wind is heard louder and the calm takes over again from the streets of a lonely town where, as in the novel, any kind of story can be developed.

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