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Employment phone one by one to young people leaving school – La Provincia

The Employment Department ofCanary GovernmentIt will offer a second chance to young people who have decided to abandon their studies. Will bethe labor counselors of the department led by Carolina Darias who will call these alumni one by one to propose an alternative: Learn English and German, as well as basic and advanced digital skills to re-engage in the education system and achieve an essential qualification to later obtain a job. To carry out this experimental program, which the counselor advanced on Tuesday in Parliament, the collaboration of the Education area will be essential, which will provide the data of those who have chosen to leave their studies, a figure that in 2018 reached 20.9 % of students aged 18 to 24, 3.4% more than in 2017.

Attracting these young people back to the education system will sometimes not be an easy task. "We have guidance and professional services that know what they are doing," Darias said yesterday at the press conference following the General Employment Council, where the measures of the Canary Islands Comprehensive Employment Plan (PIEC) 2019 were finalized. "We are starting the road and I assure you that you will have the care and affection of those who work in the Canary Islands Employment and Education Service. "

Of the42 million that this PIEC has, an initial amount of 150,000 euros will be invested for this initiative, which still has many details to be polished, but whose objectives are to try to place these young people in the programs that the Canary Employment Service already has. "We don't want to leave them behind – Darias said – and it will undoubtedly be one of the initiatives that will be reinforced during the next year."

This measure received the support of all the members of the Council, who verbalized the representative of the Canary Confederation of Businessmen, Juan Carlos Betancor, who defined it as a very necessary initiative. "We have been told that if necessary, double or triple funds will be allocated because we have to end the great problem that the Canary Islands have always been dragging, the high school failure, which we cannot stop." In fact, young people constitute 50% of the unemployed that exist in the Islands.

Job counselors

Once a student decides to set aside his training, convincing him to reverse is always more complicated and less effective than getting ahead and stopping his abandonment. Therefore, withinPIEC will also have a game for labor counselors to go to the integrated Vocational Training centersin order to offer all available alternatives to continue with the studies.

"In the institutes we give an academic professional orientation, but it is essential that there are specialists who explain what the market niche is and where they have to go," explains FP's general director, Eva de la Fe González. When a teacher perceives that a student is considering leaving their studies, for example because their absences begin to be charged, a protocol that immediately involves the figure of the counselor, who will be responsible for recovering it, will have to be put in place, explaining the offer Existing courses of employment and qualification with the objective that you find one that suits your interests and, in this way, redirect your studies in regulated education or in VET.

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