Employment opens the deadline for aid to the unemployed who want to become self-employed – The Province

Employment opens the deadline for aid to the unemployed who want to become self-employed - The Province

The Canary Islands Employment Service (SCE) will open tomorrow, Tuesday and until September 30,the deadline for the application for grants for the promotion of self-employment in 2019. The initial loan is nine million euros, an amount that can be extended throughout the year, andthe aid ranges between 5,000 and 10,000 euros,depending on the difficulty for the access to the labor market that the applicant accredit, in such a way that it will prioritize women -10% more to those who are victims ofgender violence-, under 30s and people with disabilities.

It will also be encouraged,with one thousand euros more, those enrolled in the Youth Guarantee System and the long-term unemployed.In addition, people who at the end of last year were excluded from the previous call due to lack of credit may re-apply for help in this new edition.

With this new call, the Ministry of Employment, Social Policies and Housing continues its commitment to promote self-employment. We must remember that the current team, which took office in early 2017, resolved the delay that was then in the payment of these grants, increased the subsidy lines and simplified the requirements to access them.

So, from 2017, without counting the edition that is about to begin, the department that directsCristina Validohas invested more than 24 million euros in direct subsidies to self-employment. To this commitment to favor this type of employment joins, in addition, the decision ofGovernment of the Canary Islandsto extend the flat rate of 50 euros for self-employed workers one more year, which makes the Archipelago one of the communities with the most support to the group. For this new call, as a prerequisite, interested parties must apply for the self-employment promotion service offered by the Comprehensive Employment Services of the Business Confederations, Chambers of Commerce and University Foundations, where they will receive specific advice.

The bases establish four types of aid: aid for the establishment, financial aid aimed at reducing interest, aid for training and aid for contracting external services and technical assistance.

The Ministry of Employment, Social Policies and Housing of theGovernment of the Canary Islandswho drivesCristina Validopromoted in 2018 the publication of new bases to favor entrepreneurship. These were agreed with the autonomous entities themselves, with the aim of lightening the processing, and the collection of interest, which with the new regulations is paid directly by the financial entity, and accelerate the allocation of funds. In addition, the new bases allowed to give greater freedom to the games. "Our objective with the changes introduced in the regulations – the director of the SCE, Sergio Alonso – is to alleviate the accumulation of difficulties that, as a rule, occur throughout the first year to the people who choose to start a business "

The previous regulation required that the amount of the loan granted had to be used at least 75% to finance investments in fixed assets, something that is now assessed as unnecessary with the business possibilities that new technologies have and undertake without investing in a physical space .


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