Employment closes 2021 with a record rise of 4%, the highest in 16 years, and unemployment registers a historic drop




The year 2021 closes with employment as the great hope for economic growth. With a historical rise of 4%, the highest rate since 2005 and almost double the growth of the economy (2.6%), the labor market shelves the second year of the pandemic with membership at all-time highs. Unemployment, meanwhile, was at its lowest level in December since 2007, after registering its biggest drop in the historical series. Job creation and unemployment go hand in hand this time and mark the statistics at a time when the
variable Ómicron puts recovery in check again

According to the data offered today by the ministry, the number of Social Security affiliates in seasonally adjusted terms stood at 19,842,427 people in December, which is the highest affiliation level in the series.

Thus, 362,613 people surpass the Busy February 2020, the month prior to the outbreak of the health crisis. The global balance for 2021 shows a growth in membership in seasonally adjusted terms of 777,160 people, with especially large increases for the activities that suffered the most due to the restrictions at the beginning of the pandemic, such as artistic activities (14.1% compared to December 2020) and hospitality (13.8% more).

Despite the
dizzying display of the Omicron variable
Since the middle of the month, enrollment has also remained strong in December, with a growth of 70,814 workers compared to the previous month, 0.36% more, which represents the largest increase in that month. Thus, eight consecutive months of increases are chained, which add a total of 822,802 more employed persons to the system since May, and it seems that the separation of health and labor statistics is definitively consolidated.

In fact, the trend is repeated in all sectors, with the exception of agriculture, which fitted in at the end of most of the campaigns. Discounting seasonality and the calendar effect, there have been increases in services (with 78,871 more members), a sector that has seen increases since May 2021; industry (4,511 more members), which has grown since the end of the first restrictions in June 2020; and construction (total 6,572 affiliates), up since February 2021. The farmingFor its part, it lost 6,682 affiliates in the last month of the year due to the end of the collection season.

However, a increase of workers in ERTE in the last days of December, the number of workers benefiting from this protection scheme increased by 20,000 in the last month. Specifically, on December 9 there were 80,540 people in ERTE Covid, compared to 102,548 with whom it was closed on December 31. A data that matches the new punishment to the hospitality industry which has assumed the new variable in a
key moment for business
as are the Christmas holidays and after a season in which the arrival of foreign tourists does not finish consolidating.

The good news in the affiliation is also replicated in the unemployment statistics. The last month of the year 2021 ends with a fall in the total number of people unemployed in SEPE offices of 76,782 in relation to the previous month, a drop of 2.41%. In this way, December marks a new record by accumulating ten consecutive months of declines, the longest period in the historical series in which the total drop in unemployed is 902,884 people, according to the Ministry of Labor.

Thus, the global number of unemployed is lowered to 3,105,905 people, the lowest level in a month of December since 2007 and a total of 140,142 fewer unemployed than at the beginning of the pandemic, in February 2020. Like As with affiliation, the trend is replicated in all sectors, although with special intensity in services, with about 20% fewer unemployed than in the year, up to 532,670 fewer unemployed. They are followed by the group without previous employment, with 95,916 fewer unemployed (-27.3%), and construction, with 60,209 fewer unemployed (-18.9%).

The unemployment among young people under 25 It also registered a notable drop, from 38.7% in 2021, with 140,403 fewer unemployed than in 2020, to 222,594 unemployed, the lowest figure in a month of December in the entire historical series, according to the Ministry. Regarding hiring, only 10.9% of the total was permanent, although it experienced a growth of 36.7% over the previous year.

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