Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Employer’s first clash with Labor for calling a meeting with agricultural organizations

First anger of the employer with the new Ministry of Labor. After a start marked by calm and attunement, with an agreement on the minimum wage in the first days of the mandate of Minister Yolanda Díaz, this Friday the CEOE has collided with the new Labor officials. The discomfort, which is not serious but is admitted and has been made public from the employers, has originated for two reasons: one related to the call for a meeting with agricultural organizations and another for the coincidence of two meetings that have been overlapped this Friday at the Ministry.

The first, and most important, reason that has outraged the CEOE has been the recall of a meeting with the agricultural organizations Asaja – member of CEOE -, COAG and UPA scheduled for this Friday. The three organizations have issued a statement criticizing the cancellation of the meeting yesterday, when their representatives “had already moved” to Madrid.

The point is that the Minister of Labor and the Vice President, Pablo Iglesias, have held a meeting this Friday with the unions of the Andalusian and Extremadura camp, without the farmers’ organizations, which has generated “an important malaise” for the ” tort “comparative, explain employer sources.

Measures announced after the meeting with unions

Yolanda Díaz and Pablo Iglesias have announced at the end of the meeting with the unions of the field several measures, such as an urgent and temporary reduction in the number of steps required to access the agricultural subsidy, those paid, as well as “the necessary modifications so that the Labor Inspectorate can appear and intervene” in the settlements of migrant day laborers.

The UN rapporteur on poverty put the media focus last week in these camps. Philip Alston stressed that the misery situations he had witnessed They were worse than those in many refugee camps.

Sources of the Ministry of Labor insist that the appointment with the agrarian organizations was not closed and that, although it had been considered this Friday, finally yesterday its postponement was communicated. The reason, these official sources explain, is that “some of the information requested by the Ministry was missing” to address the meeting, which will take place at the end of next week, and reiterate that both meetings (with the unions and the employers) are different in terms of content.

On whether the announcement of the measures of this Friday may be unpleasant, without even having spoken with the agrarian organizations, in Work they consider that there is no reason for it. On the one hand, the social protection of the worker is addressed and, on the other, the greater control of abuses on migrant workers, an issue that falls within human rights. “On what the UN rapporteur has said, there is no room for social dialogue,” they point out.

Angry for two overlapping meetings

The second reason for anger of the representatives of employers, less relevant, has finally ended the suspension of the weekly meeting of the table that negotiates changes in labor reform. The table has coincided with the meeting with the agricultural unions, which has led to fewer representatives from the Ministry of Labor. For example, the Secretary of State for Labor has left her to attend the appointment with Yolanda Díaz and Pablo Iglesias.

In the CEOE they indicate that they have not found it “serious” that both meetings were scheduled at the same time and that the result was that the Secretary of State left the labor reform table to participate in the other act, “which was not invited to business organizations in the field. “

Thus, Rosa Santos, director of labor relations at CEOE, and Pedro Fernández Alén, general secretary of CEPYME, have decided to leave the meeting and continue negotiations next week. “The social dialogue continues, is maintained,” say employers’ sources.

In this scenario, the representatives of UGT and CCOO have also chosen to withdraw from the meeting, to continue it next week. Sources from both workers’ organizations acknowledge that, although there has been no discomfort in the unions, it has not seemed “appropriate” for these two meetings to be scheduled at the same time, which has generated a bit of “disorder.”

“They could have summoned us at another time,” says a trade union source, which nonetheless underlines some subsequent overreaction by the employers, since at the meeting itself there has been no palpable anger of their representatives and the negotiations continue without problems next week . “Everything has been spoken with exquisite language, with good forms,” ​​he says about the decision to suspend the table this Friday.

In Work they fit the coincidence of meetings within normality, due to the large number of meetings that take place in the Ministry. At the table on labor reform “was the chief of staff and the general director of Labor,” ministerial sources point out, so there was a high-level representation. These official sources point out that the negotiations are continuing and that “there is no confrontation.”


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