August 3, 2021

Employees of the Eurocámara launch a blog to report sexual abuse | Society

Employees of the Eurocámara launch a blog to report sexual abuse | Society

A group of workers in the European Parliament have launched a blog on Tuesday to anonymously report episodes of sexual harassment and abuse in the European institution, in an attempt to end the "culture of silence", but also to increase the pressure for impose an "effective system" against this type of behavior in the European Parliament. The initiative is the result of the work of the MeTooEP movement, with administrative and political staff in the European Parliament but not MEPs, which already has the signatures of some 1,000 workers of different nationalities.

The signatories demand the implementation of the protocol against sexist practices and behaviors of abuse and harassment that was adopted in a resolution last year by the plenary session of the European Parliament.

The promoters of this initiative complain about the ineffectiveness of the two commissions put in place to combat harassment in the European institution and demand a system that gives results, including "external and independent" evaluations that evaluate the functioning of these commissions.

They also demand compulsory training courses for MEPs on "respect and dignity" and insist on the need for a specific and independent committee of experts, with doctors and jurists, to be responsible for resolving complaints that arise, because , they stress, "MEPs can not be a judge and a party".

In a statement, the group demands that candidates for the next European elections ensure that the new Chamber is formed with sufficient internal rules to ensure transparent, inclusive, fair and timely treatment for complaints.


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