Emotive I remember Isabel Canino 10 years after her murder - La Provincia

Emotive I remember Isabel Canino 10 years after her murder - La Provincia

Isabel Canino still alive today. It survives in the memory of his family and that of his Titsa colleagues when they have already passed 10 years of his murder. Workers of the public transport company held today in the morning a simple, but meaning, tribute to the driver of line 914 that was murdered when she was 37 at the hands of Salvador Alberto Morales Méndez, also a worker of Titsa and with whom he maintained a tortuous love relationship for more than 16 years.

In the hall of the Intercambiador a manifesto was read and a malagueña was sung, while in the lower dock of buses a commemorative plaque was uncovered in which one can read: "To the memory of Isabel Canino Rivero, Titsa's worker. Your memory drives us to continue working to eradicate macho violence"Isabel Rivero, mother of the murdered Titsa driver, was given a portrait with the face of her daughter, a work made with small photographs of all her companions.

About a hundred of his companions, relatives and friends of Isabel Canino shared their memories in the hall of the Intercambiador de guaguas de Santa Cruz of Tenerife and at 11 o'clock in the morning a manifesto was read. Most of those present, many of them in the uniform of the transport company, wore violet gloves symbol of the fight against hatred and male violence.

The text, read by one of the workers, reminded her: "Today is the tenth anniversary of the death of Isabel Canino, a person whose memory is always with us and we do not want to forget." A woman, cheerful, fun, good and beautiful both outside and inside, a great companion and, above all, a great friend, we miss Isabel every day at work, but especially in our meetings, chops and stalls, because with her usual joy she managed to get us We forgot about our sorrows and bad moments, it was a companion with which we could also count on to overcome any difficulty, its absence left us a huge void in our hearts and that even today is difficult to fill. We do not want his death, his murder, to be forgotten; neither his nor that of any other woman who unfortunately dies every day at the hands of men who lack feelings and empathy for the human being. We must all fight together against violence against women; a scourge that we will have to banish once and for all from our society. Isa, we still love you; we miss you so much, compañera. We miss you so much, friend. "

The heartfelt words were followed by an ovation that echoed throughout the hall of the Exchanger. Nothing else was heard until the acrodes of some guitars began to sing the first notes of a malagueña dedicated to Isabel Canino. "Crazy, I went crazy, when I heard that you were killed, Isabel," was one of the verses sung by a visibly moved woman.

At the end, to the applause - perhaps stronger and longer than before - joined the tears of many of those present, including Eladia, Isabel's only sister. Eladia Canino he became the voice of someone who could no longer speak; in the strength of those who could no longer defend themselves; in the symbol of a struggle for justice to do its job with the vile murderer of Isabel and, finally, so that the condemned person completes the sentence of 19 years of prison for crime of murder with treachery and two more years for a crime of continued ill-treatment.

Isabel was a victim of male violence when her executioner murdered her on March 21, 2009. In 2011, Salvador Morales Méndez was convicted by a Jury Court, and a magistrate imposed 19 years of prison, a penalty that the accused resorted to the Supreme Court, but that did not help him because the high court finally upheld the sentence.

Eladia Canino remembered her sister and the fight that she starred herself so that justice was done with his crime. A decade later, he thanked all those who keep alive the memory of his sister: a woman who shined with her own light and who wanted to extinguish her killer to prevent her from abandoning him after years of abuse. Isabel was a light that, ten years later, shone again with intensity.


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