Emotional message in ‘Pasapalabra’: “My daughter has had the courage to say that she is a boy”

Antonio, aspiring contestant of & # 039; Pasapalabra & # 039 ;.

Antonio, aspiring contestant of ‘Pasapalabra’.

YesterdayPass wordsurprised with one of those moments that go out of the usual rundown of the competition. Antonio, an aspiring contestant, took advantage of his presence in the program to launch a very valuable message for the community transsexual, since it was carried out in a family space and with the highest audience.

Antonio took the floor to dedicate a few words “to someone very special”: “I have an 11-year-old daughter, Laura, who recently had the great courage to say that she is a boy “he began by saying.

“That’s how he considers himself, he always has been and now his name is Lucas. I want to address him to say, on the one hand, to say goodbye to Laura, who has been my child for 11 years. And tell Lucas that we are going to love him the same or more than Laura. Give him my full support and that he has all the help of the family, “he said.

Finally, “I also want to send a message to the children who are in their situation to tell them that they be brave and strong, just like Lucas, and his family so that they give them all their support because they need it. ”

At that moment the public and the guests began to applaud his words. Although Antonio finally did not get the blue chair that made him a participant, his message has gone viral in social networks, where it has again been applauded.


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