Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Emma García, host of 'Viva la via', confesses a great passion that she abandoned

La profesión oculta de Emma García

Every television presenter has a past and Emma García It is not an exception. The driver of Viva la vida has a long career in the media, from its beginnings in ETB - the Basque regional government - to its signing and evolution in Telecinco. However, it goes further: it has a profession, a hidden passion.

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This was confessed this past weekend in the program that leads in the afternoons of the Mediaset weekend. All this, of course, based on a coincidence related to his guest, who acknowledged that he did not know how to swim. And is that the new presenter of Survivors from Four, Carlos Sobera, does not know how to swim.

"If you pull the helicopter, the logical thing is that I die"

"I have to confess it, or I do not know how to swim, I know how to dive, great diving", she exclaimed to Garcia's surprise. "But you do not know how to really swim?" She replied. "Do not, if you pull me from the helicopter the logical thing is that I die"He insisted.

This statement is important because although their work from Spain is not related to the helicopter jump that will have to make the survivors, it is still striking that in a hypothetical case that had to move to Honduras this would be impossible.

"I was a professional swimmer"

Emma García, after listening to Sobera, encouraged him: "I can teach you, I was a professional swimmer, notice". This confession now surprised his companion, who could only exclaim: "But what are you telling me?" It was like that.

"Yes, I was swimming for a year," she said, acknowledging that it was "federated". "And you went to some Olympics? "He questioned. "No, no, no, to see, at the locality level, I was there a year that I went every day to train and then I got bored," she continued to leave everyone stunned.

Carlos Sobera explains in 'Viva la vida' how his wife's stroke was

Carlos Sobera explains in 'Viva la vida' how his wife's stroke was

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