Emilio de Justo (bullfighter) or the ability never to surrender to failure | Blog The bull, by the horns

Emilio de Justo (bullfighter) or the ability never to surrender to failure | Blog The bull, by the horns

Emilio Elías Serrano Justo-Emilio de Justo dressed in lights (Torrejoncillo, Cáceres, 1983) has finished his successful season of 23 runs and is ready to enjoy. It has cost him to achieve the triumph. Nothing less than eleven years of struggle, effort, sacrifice, and also of failures and many disappointments. And he says that now he can feel happy, very happy, because he has never lost faith in himself, because his vocation has been and is his passion, and he has put everything before him in life.

On September 30, at the height of the Autumn Fair, he left the large door of the Plaza de Las Ventas and put the dream of a year in which he has risen as a bullfighter and has achieved the unanimous recognition of the fans. Since then, and with good reason, he is one of the fashionable bullfighters.

– "It's been a very nice year, yes. And now I start to enjoy it mentally, because the bullfighters live very fast and we do not have time to enjoy the difficult triumphs ".

It is defined as "a humble, neighborhood boy": "We are five brothers, my father was a bricklayer, but of the good guys, and my mother is a housewife". Ensures that the love of the bulls is something personal that was born with him. "There is no bullfighting ascendancy in my family; I saw the corridas on TV and I fell in love, and I did it with such passion that I decided to try it. "

He appeared in public in 1998, dressed for the first time the costume of lights in Cáceres in the year 2000, and that was the beginning of a very long crossing of the desert. He took the alternative in 2007, confirmed it the following year and in the eleven years that go until 2017 he only fought 40 bullfights. A very scarce baggage for those who aspired to the top of bullfighting, until at the fair of San Isidro past caught the eye with unusual force.

– "Certainly, it is unusual that after 12 years of alternative discover you as a bullfighter, but it is what the bull has. This is one of the few professions in which you can turn the tortilla around so quickly and forcefully. "

"Many times I have seen the future very black, but I never thought about leaving"

He recognizes De Justo his responsibility in the situation he has lived before and after his 'resurrection' bullfighting.

-"Of course; If I have been able to change the situation this season, I will also have been the culprit in the long period of professional ostracism. And I am convinced that my vocation, my passion and my passion have been the fundamental ingredients of the reward I have found. "

In spite of everything, he firmly affirms that he never thought of give up.

– "I have not considered it, but I have had a very bad time because I saw that it was very difficult to enter the fairs; doubts always assail you, because time passes and you do not know what will become of you. Many times I have seen the future very black, but I never thought about leaving. "

The Extremaduran bullfighter, natural before a Victorino Martín bull at the last San Isidro Fair.
The Extremaduran bullfighter, natural before a Victorino Martín bull at the last San Isidro Fair.

And the doubt arises. How can a bullfighter who fights so little live for eleven years?

– "Of the bullfighting, certainly, it was very complicated, but I always had a very clear idea: while I was a bullfighter I would not dedicate myself to another activity and that I would offer my time, my body and my soul to the bull. I had great support from my family, lacked family responsibilities and the little I earned was very good. But it has not been easy, no. "

He is a singular character Emilio de Justo. With a beard of a couple of days, serene, relaxed and ready to return in half an hour to the Plaza de Las Ventas, but today as a spectator and companion of the acting trio, does not reflect on his face the effort made. On the contrary, he conveys the impression that he is a privileged friend of success, a mature bullfighter who has known honey during his long career.

But it's not like that. He has suffered loneliness and, also, serious setbacks, such as that unfortunate afternoon, in San Isidro in 2010, when he heard the fateful presidential messages because of a terrible handling of the sword, and was, he says, "mortally wounded." With the help of a friend, he traveled to Colombia, and there, in town squares, he recovered the illusion. Later, France arrived, where he resurfaced as a bullfighter.

"I want to be a bullfighter open to all kinds of encastes".

– "Colombia kept me alive and France offered me the recognition I needed".

And the bullfighting echo of the neighboring country crossed the Pyrenees; resurged in February of this year in the Madrid plaza of Vistalegre, first, and in Las Ventas, then, preambles of a new season, which has recognized him as a lucid, brave and classic bullfighter, which responds to the most demanding bullfighting palates.

– "I think that, in the end, I must conclude that I have been lucky, but I have put a lot of my part in these last two years. I've been thinking very seriously thanks to my age and maturity to get on this second train that life has offered me. "

"I never lost faith in reaching my dream. I saw it very difficult, I had a hard time, I had no contracts, but I believed so blindly in me, when almost nobody did it, that I knew that one day I could achieve it ".

In those dreams was the main door of the Plaza de Madrid and the bull, whatever its origin, although it was Victorino Martín's badge that offered him the opportunity to win.

– "Yes, I recognize that it has been crucial in my career; So much so, that I would like to be united forever to Victorino's livestock. And I say more: I want to be a bullfighter open to all kinds of encastes because I believe that such attitudes are necessary for the party and would grant me the label of important bullfighter ".

And the Madrilenian Autumn Fair arrived, a serious commitment to confirm the definitive change of course. The date was September 30, but eight days before, on Saturday, September 22, his father died and he suffered a serious death in Mont de Marsan.

– "I made the paseíllo with some strong sensations, among a cluster of very hard circumstances. I miss my father every day, and the goring came very untimely. But I was able to face the setback, with enough strength so that the injury did not stop me from finishing the season with the golden flourish ".

Emilio de Justo closes his eyes, says he sees the images of his departure on his shoulders, and confesses that it is the most beautiful thing that has happened to him in his life.

Before the bullfighter came to the appointment of the interview, a phrase appears casually on Twitter: "Success requires persistence and ability not to surrender to failure."

When Emilio de Justo reads it, his reaction is immediate: "I feel very identified with it, because I think it is part of my story".


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