May 11, 2021

Emergency aid for a Bolivian region hit by COVID-19

The region of Beni, in the Bolivian Amazon, received emergency help this Saturday to stop the coronavirus, while the emergency persists due to a lack of resources in this department hit by COVID-19.

The interim Government of Bolivia sent this medical equipment and medicines to this department, which declared a health disaster, in response to urgent requests for human resources and supplies to deal with the pandemic.

The acting Minister of the Presidency, Yerko Núñez, went to Trinidad, the Benyan capital, for the delivery of eleven complete intensive care units, medicines necessary to treat COVID-19 and items for general practitioners and specialists.

A plane with all these supplies arrived at the Jorge Henrich airport in Trinidad, where Núñez stated that this is the first delivery of equipment and that according to needs they will send more.

Meanwhile, the Medical College of Beni through a manifesto expressed that they need personnel in all areas, especially specialists in intensive care and emergencies, and made a list of 28 medicines and supplies that are urgently needed.

Some of these supplies are ethyl alcohol, calcium gluconate, nitroglycerin, dexamethasone, hydroxychloroquine sulfate, azithromycin, remdesivir, oxygen tubes, surgical masks, and disposable gowns.

As a result of this complicated situation that is collapsing hospitals in that department, Governor Fanor Amapo, who is recovering from COVID-19, declared a departmental health disaster.

The Beni Governorate met with authorities from the state of Rondonia, in the north of Brazil, so that they can help them with supplies and human resources.

Given the urgency of the department, the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA) in La Paz announced that it will support Beni with telemedicine services, given the “overflow of coronavirus cases”.

Every week up to 500 people can attend, who must make an appointment, and they will also follow up on contacts of positive cases.

This Amazon region was the last to report positive coronavirus cases in the country, after more than a month of having the first case in Bolivia last March.

However, now the increase in infections is collapsing hospitals in that department and it is reported that people die in their homes waiting to be treated, while health personnel work 35 percent in double shifts because the others were infected, awaiting their results or died.

Beni is the second department with the highest number of cases in Bolivia, with 1,015 and 66 deaths, out of a total of 5,579 positives and 230 deaths in the country, in an extensive region with nearly half a million inhabitants, with less than two inhabitants. per square kilometer.


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