March 5, 2021

Embraer believes that the last sale to Portugal opens the door to its freighters in other countries

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer believes that the sale of five of its military cargo ships KC-390 to the Government of Portugal, announced Thursday, may open the doors in other countries to the largest, newest and most important of the aircraft it manufactures.

The president of Embraer Defense and Security, Jackson Schneider, said that by meeting demands to allow KC-390 to be used in joint operations with countries with which Portugal has military alliances, the Brazilian freighter was enabled to be operated by those other Nations

"Today is a historic day for the KC-390 Program, a very important step to consolidate the aircraft in the market and we believe that it will become another Embraer success," the executive said in a statement sent by the construction company to the market. .

According to Schneider, the freighters that Embraer will deliver to the Portuguese Air Force "meet the interoperability requirements in the areas of secure navigation and data and voice transmission that allow the KC-390 to participate in joint operations in multinational alliances in the that Portual is integrated. "

These requirements, he added, were developed in partnership with the Portuguese Air Force and will allow the Brazilian freighter to meet the needs of many nations around the world.

The Government of Portugal announced Thursday in Lisbon that it acquired five KC-390 aircraft from Embraer for 827 million euros (930.5 million dollars).

This is the first time that the Brazilian manufacturer sells to a foreign government the military freighter that it developed to replace the Hercules and whose first unit will be delivered this year to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

Until now Embraer only had the contract to deliver 28 units of its aircraft to the FAB.

Portugal's Minister of National Defense, João Gomes Cravinho, explained that the Brazilian aircraft will be used to replace the current C140 (Hércules) freighters of the Portuguese military fleet, which are 40 years old, and that the first model will be received in 2023 and the last one in 2027.

The Brazilian aircraft, manufactured at an Embraer plant in the state of Sao Paulo, has the capacity to transport troops and military equipment for up to 26 tons, reaches a speed of 470 knots and can operate on unpaved roads.

According to the Embraer statement, the aircraft meets requirements that Portugal established for freighters to be used in various military and civilian missions, including humanitarian support operations, medical evacuation, search and rescue, and fighting forest fires.

The note adds that Portugal is the largest international partner in the program for the development of the KC-390.

The business with Portugal was announced a few months after the shareholders of Embraer approved the sale of control of its commercial division to Boeing for the creation of a new company valued at 5,260 million dollars.

By the agreement, Embraer sells 80% of its commercial aircraft division for $ 4.2 billion to Boeing, which will have full control of the new company. The Brazilian will keep the remaining 20% ​​of the nascent company.

The business has already received the approval of the Brazilian government, which guaranteed the veto power over all of Embraer's operations when it privatized the aeronautical construction company in the nineties, so now it only depends on the regulatory bodies.

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