Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Elysium disk receives a Hardcore mode

The study ZA / UM has published a new update of Elysium disk, the title that won the awards to best independent game and best RPG of 2019 at The Game Awards. The main novelty is the gameplay Hardcore and compatibility with ultra-panoramic monitors.

The RPG of ZA / UM is already difficult in its normal version – you can die from sitting in an uncomfortable chair – but the new mode Hardcore complicates things to the extreme. In Disco Elysium players embody an alcoholic detective Investigating a murder, choosing sentences and dice rolls carefully is key to advancing the case.


According to the study, the mode Hardcore make your character be more poor, increases the probability of fail a dice roll Y the medicines are more expensive. This implies that the protagonist of the adventure must use more drugs (alcohol and cigarettes) to keep your mind clear, since they are cheaper than drugs.

In contrast to the disadvantages, the mode Hardcore increases the experience received at the end of a mission and allows level up faster. “Self-help books, at least, are right: mistakes build character. In this worse world, you will gain much more experience each time you complete a mission, ”says ZA / UM ironically.

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