'Elxokas' surpasses Ibai Llanos as the streamer with the most subscribers on Twitch

Joaquin Dominguez, better known as 'Elxokas', has become the Spanish content creator with the most active subscribers on Twitchwith a total of 46,516, according to the portal 'Twitch Tracker', in charge of the statistical analysis of this live video platform of amazon.

'Elxocas' more than 1,500 subscribers to Ibai Llanoswhich with 44,993 occupies the second position on a list completed by other leading streamers on the national scene, such as 'Auronplay' (38,005), 'IlloJuan' (26,472), 'JuanSGuarnizo' (24,890), 'ElRubius' (21,397) , 'TheGrefg' (15,518), 'AlexElCapo' (14,205), 'ElMariana' (13,440) and 'FolagorLives' (11,447).

Worldwide the Galician content creator -and former worker as editor of the Real Madrid- ranks sixth quite a distance from the Brazilian 'Casimito', which today has 117,960 active subscribers.

One of the keys to this great success of 'Elxokas' is due to the recreation on his channel of the popular 'the squid game' through the video game 'Minecraft' and that he himself lost in the grand final against 'OllieGamerZ' in an event that brought together more than 1.2 million people watching it live, the third highest viewership peak in Twitch history.

In addition, during the month of January his channel was the second most watched in the world, with a total of 14 million accumulated hours viewed, only behind the Canadian Félix Lengyel 'xQc'.

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