Elvira Lindo successfully debuts her musical story in Berlin | Culture

Elvira Lindo successfully debuts her musical story in Berlin | Culture

The long and successful career of Elvira Lindo he experienced, on Monday night in Berlin, another triumph thanks to the premiere of, as the author describes it, the "musical story" The boy and the beast, a story centered on the figure of his father, and that remembers with tenderness the arrival of Manuel, a nine-year-old child, a devastated Madrid after the Civil War in 1939.

The world premiere of the work, which took place in the Studio of the Admiral Palast theater, put an end to an intense political-cultural agenda to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the twinning of Berlin and Madrid, an anniversary that was attended by the mayor Manuela Carmena in the German capital, who in less than 24 hours participated in a round table with the head of government of Berlin, Michael Müller and the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, signed two agreements of cooperation and was thrilled with the work of Elvira Cute.

The boy and the beast, a literary-musical experiment where the writer narrates live the adventures of her father in the capital to the beat of a music written especially for the work, received a warm and deserved applause from a mixed audience (German-Spanish), which awarded this form a work that has the merit of relating with grace, melancholy, tenderness and affection, the traumatic experience lived by his father in the big city. "I did not need to tell a drama, because what happened in the war was enough," said the writer, in an attempt to justify the literary tone she imposed on her father's brief biography, a text that tries to explain the drama, but without the smell of gunpowder. "It's an unpublished chapter that takes place in a destroyed city," said Elvira Lindo, unable to hide her joy after the applause received by the public.

"Madrid 1939. You breathe the breath of the dead on the street," says Lindo, while a sextet of musicians (piano, violin, viola, bass, clarinet and English horn) accompanies the reading with appropriate music. "Those who fell under the bombs, those shot daily who continue to collapse in the suburban fences, the dead of hunger, tuberculosis, the deaths of childbirth hands, misery, infections, fear, the dead of fear."

"It's a fantastic story and, although it reflects what was lived in Madrid, at that time, it also has the magic of reminding the Germans what was experienced during and after the war in Berlin," said Manuela Carmena. The two capitals are also twinned by their respective tragedies: Madrid first suffered a war and, later, decades of dictatorship. Berlin saw the birth of the Nazi dictatorship that led the country to war and destruction.

Although Elvira Lindo is the author of the text, the project was born thanks to the initiative of María Lindo, a distant relative of the writer and interpreter of English horn, who had the idea, two years ago, to propose to the writer to take to the stage a musical story inspired by family history. It was then that Elvira Lindo had the idea of ​​writing her father's first trip to Madrid, an adventure that culminated in Aranjuez, where Maria's grandparents lived. When María Lindo received the text, in April, she began the difficult task of searching for the musicians, an adventure that brought together five Spanish musicians and the Finnish pianist and composer Jarkko Riihimäki.

"It has been a very difficult job, but also very beautiful," said the musician, unable to hide the joy that produced the excellent reception that had the premiere. "We already have an offer to present the story in London and the premiere in Spain will be next year in Aranjuez." The text is also part of a new Elvira Lindo project. "I am writing stories about the life of my father, who was a very special and very intelligent man," said the writer, who closes an "emotional cycle".


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