July 14, 2020

Elton, the dog that found the boy Gabriel or Diana Quer, dies

He was the first dog of the Cynological Service of the Civil Guard to search for biological remains and participated in more than 500 cases

Elton, the best-known dog of the Civil Guard, for having helped in the resolution of crimes such as that of Diana Quer, Gabriel Cruz or Marta del Castillo, has died today. The Belgian Shepherd Malinois retired in February last year because his trainer and master, Juan Manuel Sánchez, noticed during the registration of a car that his back legs were starting to fail. He was older and there was no other option but to withdraw him “with honors” from the Central Cynological Service of the Civil Guard after having served in more than 500 cases. The problem of the hind legs has been increasing until today.

Although he was retired, Elton still lived in Juan Manuel’s house and used to take him to the El Pardo training center, where he spent so many hours training.

Elton was the pioneer in tracking biological remains for crime resolution. Following him came Marley (who also died in October 2019) and Dylan, the puppy who is now training to be the “agent” that puts killers on the ropes.


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