May 14, 2021

“Els enfarinats” battle for the government at a party with a lot of public

Ibi has celebrated this Saturday, the day of the Holy Innocents, the battle “dels Enfarinats” (floured), which have taken over the local government by hitting flour, eggs and rocket launches, in one of the most peculiar winter parties that It has gathered more than 2,000 people to coincide with a non-working day.

The battle, which has developed without incident, has also had about 30 colored smoke boats, which have added to the 1,000 / 1,500 kilos of flour used (from leftover bakeries), 12,000 eggs (expired) and between 400 and 500 dozen trucks with four exits (rockets).

The medical services have treated two people for minor burns and half a dozen for discomfort in the eyes due to the flour, as reported by Ebi the councilor of Fiestas de Ibi, Luis Vicente Martí Poveda.

The tradition is celebrated since the mid-nineteenth century in this town every December 28, coinciding with the feast of the Holy Innocents, and this year has gathered a greater number of attendees to coincide on Saturday in a day in which the temperature has accompanied Party.

Between 1,500 and 2,000 people have gathered in the church square, and in the surrounding streets there has been a lot of public movement that has enjoyed how “els enfarinats”, dressed in quirky costumes, faced the collective of the “opposition” with black top jackets.

As in previous editions, the day has begun when “els enfarinats” have run to the Town Hall to snatch the wand of command from the municipal authority and establish unwritten rules called “New Justice.”

From that moment, the new order has been implanted in Ibi by blow of skirmishes and battles of eggs, flour and rockets.

By noon, the absurdity and eccentricities of “els enfarinats” have spread throughout the urban center of the toy town, where they have faced, ambushing, the opposition in an epic battle.

Citizens who have dared to cross the Church square, headquarters of “els enfarinats”, and have dared to disregard their crazy orders (“throughout the day you can not walk on the sidewalk or on the road, nor by the sun, nor by the shadow “) they have also finished battered in flour and egg.

At the end of the fight, the “opposition” has lost to the invaders, and they have retreated on the steps of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

With the surrender of the opposition has come the armistice by which the two opposing sides have joined, who have collected food and money as “fines” between local businesses to take them to the San Joaquin de Ibi asylum.

This year 17 media have been accredited to cover the show, some of them international, as well as 72 photographers and fans, also from Italy, England and Tokyo, as the party is gaining international impact.

The day will end tonight with the “dance of the Viceroy” and the “dançà”, which will include women dressed in luxurious costumes, men covered with elegant capes, and other peculiar characters known as “els tapats”, who are disguised as the various forms and covered with layer and masks.


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